Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kaya 22 Winners

Manang Marissa requested my KiDS do the draw for the RAK but they're already sleeping peacefully, so I will just let the computer do it. Everybody else seems to be using it now so I'm going to give a try.

First, to assign numbers to the the qualifying scrappers, based on order of posting of layouts.

1) Marix for loving her family
2) Rowee for loving her husband
3) Arnie for loving her husband
4) Chiqui for loving her husband and daughters
5) Mia for loving her Mier
6) Roxannee for loving her husband and sons
7) Issa for loving her nephew
8) Leirs for loving her husband and children
9) Tna for loving her husband and son
10) Alby for loving Ariel
11) LG for loving her daughter
12) Me-Anne for loving her parents-in-law
13) Mel for loving the idea of beng a bride
14) Mei Ann for loving the sea and all the tranqulity and relaxation it brings
15) Susie for loving Gerry and Jerome
16) Jenn for loving her departed father and making a fresh start
17) Faith for loving her son-shine
18) Sheryl for loving Liaa
19) Jeanie for loving her friend
20) Candy for loving Arn

1) Zabeth for loving her husband
2) Joy for loving her husband

Since they were the lucky recipients of RAKs in the past two challenges (December and January), the Ching, Marian, Nina and Janis, will sit this one out. But our applause to them for still joining in the fun and sharing their LOs. Lee is disqualifying herself because she is related to the challenger by consanguinity. :-) Cay is also not included because she is sponsoring this month's digital challenge. (Thanks again, Cay.)

You are all winners for having finished another LO but the RAK for traditional goes to:
Cay's digital kit goes to:

Congratulations. We will e-mail you on how to claim your prizes.

Thank you, Manang Marissa for this interesting challenge.


bjay said...

congrats, ladies! woot-woot!

thanks to manang marissa for this wonderful challenge! :)

CraftFairy said...

Ladies, thank you so much for joining Kaya 22. I am so proud of all of you! You pulled this off and wishing you luck in many more challenges. Good luck to everyone.

Congratulations Arnie and Joy!
Thank you, Cay for the digital RAK.
Thank you, Lee for donating some items for the traditional RAK, doing the draw, and for the final write-up!