Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kaya 12 Pick of the Crop

Thank you once again to everyone who joined the challenge. I am so impressed and inspired by all your layouts. You made me laugh, tear up, smile and relate to your stories. Truly all these LOs are made and written with love.

To draw the name of the Pick of the Month, I requested the assistance of my lovely, if I do say so myself, daughters. So far, my letter has been safe from them. Their curiosity has waned as they are now into other things.

Congratulations to the winner! You get a Stazon ink pad and MM acrylic paints from Marj Velarde and MM papers and journaling cards from me.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To Ivan, age 26, to be read on our wedding day

Cel says, KAYA!

This challenge is a very challenging one indeed! I used to write letters to my boyfriend when we were just starting out. But as time went by, the letters seemed to just stop. I don't know why. Maybe because we see each other more often than ever before. I've finished the layout a week before but only finished the letter tonight! So here goes.

Hidden Journaling:
Dear Ivan,

It's our wedding day! I finally said yes! Haha! Kidding aside, I know that this day is very special to us because we know that we took our time. We made sure that everything would be perfect for us. That we are ready for THIS. It was good that no one pressured us (nor each other) into getting married already.

Know that nothing would change. We are a team. No matter what lies ahead for us, we can cross it, together. I'm sure that there will be times where we will fight and argue but that's part of being married right! It doesn't mean we don't love each other. I think about it as the start of something new. Something deeper.

Always remember what I said to you. I will love you forever.


About ME:
I am a senior associate in a public accounting firm. I became addicted to this hobby in 2007. Most of layouts are about my friends, family, and me and bf of more than 10 years, Ivan. I am also very interested in photography and plan to join a beginners class in the near future. I hope I'd get to know you all and attend the EBs hopefully if its close to Quezon City. Do visit me at my blog

To Ariel, aged 39, to be opened on the day you become a dad

Alby says, KAYA!

Photo-finish! I made this layout in record time - 30 minutes!!! Anyway, this layout, no matter how quick to put together, means so much to me. It's not just because I love the photo here, but also because of the theme. I debated a bit on what to write in my letter. It's a bit personal so I compromised by sharing the stuff I feel comfortable making public. The rest, I will just write in a separate letter.

Hidden Journaling:
Dearest Ariel,

Congratulations! You're a dad now. Today, the Lord answered our prayers after a long wait. I am thrilled to be taking this journey of parenthood with you. I'm sure our relationship will change somehow, and I know it could only be better. While I know that there will be challenges ahead, I am sure we can face them together with the help and guidance of our Lord. I love you very much, even more now that you are the father or my child. Let us continue to nurture our relationship (and keep our promise of spending a week away each year - just the two of us) because a strong marriage is one of the best gifts we can give our child. I love you honey!


Supplies Used:
PPS - Webster's Pages Sweet Charity Collection Serendipity; Flowers - Prima; Buttons - Autumn Leaves; Velvet Stickers and Vinyl Shapes - American Crafts; Rub-Ons - Fancy Pants Write Now; Journaling Papers - Prima Pasties Sticky Notes; Others - Flower bling, lace (all from the Feb Kit of Studio Azul)

Other Supplies: Prima Super Fabulous Journaling Squares (used for the well-hidden letter)

Techniques Used:
I just layered everything together using glue dots, stapler, and photo adhesives. The most difficult thing I did here are sticking those velvet stickers (the adhesive won't hold!), and the rub-ons (they wont stick!). :D

About Me:
Hi I'm Alby! I'm married to Ariel. Been scrapping since 2005 but only got to know about acid-free scrapping since last year. I love scrapping because it helps me showcase my photos creatively. It is my stress buster and my "me time". You may see some of my work at my blog.

To my husband, age 33, to be opened on 12-2011

Donna says, Kaya!
Making this layout made me miss my husband even more. I was looking for a recent photo of us together. I only found the one I used here which was taken almost two summers ago. This also made me think how seldom we have our photos taken together, so that would be on top of my to-do list.
Here is my take for this month's challenge.... Thanks for looking!

Dear Dad,
Happy 20th anniversary!!!! :D
Though that's not how long we're actually married, I'm still so happy and thankful that we are still together after all these years! I wish us both good health and may we be as strong as ever, so that no matter what comes our paths malagpasan natin un. Let us keep God the center of our marriage. Know that you have my love, respect, trust, loyalty and understanding...and I hope you do the same to me (I know you will).
If in case by this time finally nabiyayaan na tayo ng isang cute baby girl or boy, I know we are being good parents to our child. But if wala pa rin, okay lang :) I know we're still happy and contended with each other.
I always remember the words you said when I asked if by fate I won't be able to give you a child...sabi mo, that's not gonna be a problem, you'd still love me the same..besides, swerte ka na nga kse two in one na ko-mommy na baby pa hehehe I think pinapatawa mo lang ako but I know, I can feel in your voice that you mean every word you said. Naiyak nga ako diba :D
Again, happy anniversary my gwapong asawa! :D (as we always tell each other, love our own hehehe)
Always keep in mind I love you and that's forever...
MME Bohemia stripes and polka dots pps, HS Ghost letters "to", Prima flowers (From Dixie Pieces November kit), Dreamstreet brown pp (From DP April Kit), BBP white envelope & MM velvet brown brad (From DP Dec kit), Bazzill brown CS and 7gypsies "love"clip, HS polka dot mask (from MLA), Colorbox Chestnut Roan Chalk ink, Diamond Stickles (from SBH), Tim Holtz Distress Ink Faded Denim, Tsukineko Brilliance Moonlight White Ink, Autumn Leaves buttons, Staedtler Triplus pen, Sakura Souffle pen, Others - White lace, Swarovski crystals, paper clip.

About ME:

Married for almost four years now to my loving husband who supports me in my scrapbooking!!! :D He even downloads digital kits for me (I both enjoy doing traditional and digital scrapbooking), now he knows how and where to check FREEBIES lol!! Check out my creations here. Thanks!

When You're 64

Jenn says, KAYA!

So many bad things happened that I thought I won't be able to join this month, but happy now that even on the last day, I was able to submit this one.

What I came up with is just a very simple layout for my mom. I didn't want to complicate it, because I know my mom would appreciate simple layouts more than the super embellished ones. I was actually having a hard time doing this because my mom would always check up on me while I was doing it. I guess seeing her in the picture aroused her curiosity. =)

I was trying to keep it from her that I forgot to take a picture of it before I seal it! My mom's really nosy -- if I left it hanging, for sure the whole purpose of this layout is already busted.

Journal on the layout reads:
"To my mom (age 58), This picture of us taken in Villa Escudero last 29 march 2008 is certainly my current favorite. For someone who doesn’t really smile in pictures, I am happy to see you smile here even just a bit. I am happy, too, that we looked so sweet in this picture. I guess time has certainly changed us a lot. I hope that the closeness we are now sharing will remain forever. I love the fact that we are real good friends now. This layout may have been done in 2008, but I inserted a hidden letter for you, which you can only read when you turn 64, six more years by now. I got it all sealed, so don’t waste your time and energy trying to peek on it, okay? Don’t worry, as long as we live our lives a day at a time, we will just be surprised that six years have already passed. Do come back on this layout in year 2014, on your 64th birthday. And yes, this one’s based on the old Beatles’ song. Love you mom. Your Daughter Nene (age 27)"

The hidden journal will have to follow -- I wrote it from my head and I sealed it right there and then (yeah, st*pid me). I have to wait until tommorow to open it because mom's here, if I open it, she might read it.
Sorry for the poor image - I took a shot of this around 8pm and that I was using my cell phone.

Materials Used:
Patterned Papers - Basic Grey (thanks to Nina for these papers), DCWV, Teresa Collins, Imaginisce
Others - Canson Tracing Paper, Petaloo flowers, Colorbox Ink, Staedtler Triplus pen

About Me:
Mom's newest best friend. You can read more about me in my blogs - * *

To: Self, (age 35). To be re-read when I turn 42

Bjay says, KAYA!


Hidden Journaling:
Today is August the 9th, year 2014, your 42nd birthday.

SELF, you gave it a good 7 years. Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. For most, it comes easy and sometimes, unexpectedly. For the rest, it takes a lot of hard work, patience and the emotional havoc could be devastating. You did try. You both tried. It just wasn’t meant to be. However unfortunate, this will not define who you are as a woman. Medically speaking, this is the best year to give it all up. Let me count the ways:

You have a life, you’re at the pitstop before you reach the full circle. You are 42 years old today. You realized early on that you have far good things at hand and far greater opportunities achieved than an average person could. You are no longer a young woman but not quite old to quit on the beauty of life.

You love life. You got busy and always dared to push your limit. And it was a defining moment every time. For starters, you finally took up bikram yoga and did a headstand without trepidation. Remember you cracked your neck during a college pep squad tryout? You held back your tears even after you reached the dugout. You were beginning to show signs of strength early on.

You learned tap dancing, and on occasion attend ballroom dancing as well. You know that dancing was a big part of your teenage years, so it came very natural to you. You still play the 80’s music in the car player to the amusement of your friends, but you don’t care. And you have finally placed the iconoclastic Madonna as your youth’s ultimate inspiration. And Madonna hasn’t retired from the music scene either. 40 years from now when you are old and gray, you know you’ll be a rockin’ lola just like her.

You’ve stopped facepainting at parties and instead actively do volunteerism with focus on juvenile cancer patients. You love painting kids! And what better way to return the favor, you thought so yourself. On the flipside, you pursued enrolling in a beginner’s painting class. You were the oldest in the batch, but you nay cared. This is something you’ve been meaning to do since gradeschool. Maybe you were able to publish your first and only children’s book? With your own illustrations, of course. I hope besides yourself and your co-writer friend, other people actually bought it.

Then there’s your scrapbooking. You’re still so much into it but likely still doing layouts of yourself and your loved ones since there isn’t a child of your own to brag about.

You still occasionally accept event hosting. Or may have ended this weekend career altogether, you’re not so sure. You thought you’ll look too old to be doing hosting gigs, you’ll scare the guests away. One thing is for sure: you are at peace with yourself, sans the bothersome wrinkles that’s in the gazillions now. But you are happy, quite content, surrounded by so much love and supported by family and friends. Then there is Mike, your soulmate… that beautiful, amazing person and your husband of almost 15 years today.

You and Mike still laugh together over the silliest things, it eventually tightens your jaws until there isn’t any sound that comes out of your mouths anymore.

SELF, do not let your being childless define your worth as a woman. Let this fate of yours instill pride, courage and belief in yourself to prove to the mocking public that it is how you lived your life that should define who you are as a person and not of the lineage you won’t be able to leave behind in this world. Your mere existence is enough to imprint a unique little history. And despite the absence of your offspring, you still have a lot of love to give even to children who are total strangers to you. You are not devoid of being able to express “maternal love”, and you believe it is possible to bestow it onto them, albeit not as complex as the umbilical cord that connects a mother to her child. To you SELF, the word “mother” takes on a different meaning, thanks to your faith in the greatness of love that knows no boundaries.

SELF, you may not have a child of your own who will look at you like you are the most beautiful face in his tiny world; you may not experience the sleepless nights brought about a new life who needs some nursing from your warm breasts; you may not experience the joys and growing pains of rearing another human being… and you may not fully understand why you were chosen not to experience this miracle called motherhood. But ask not anymore, and instead seek peace from the fact. HE has other plans.

But if you do have a child by the age of 42, forever thank the Lord for this gift of life. HE will not expect you to mince words to verbalize your gratitude. A simple “thank you, Father” whispered into thin air any moment of the day, any day would suffice.

After re-reading this letter to yourself on the appointed day, and if the unfortunate reigned… just give your husband a tight hug, let the last stream of tears flow freely and leave every tiny bit of your emotional baggage way behind you. Together, savor and feel each other’s hearts slowly beat in unison. All is well now.

Lastly, say a little prayer of grace and start moving on. Life is always good.

April 29, 2008

About ME:
My name is Bjay and I just recently joined PS and this is my first Kaya challenge. Kaya ko din pala! I moonlight as a facepainter and sometimes do emceeing gigs on weekends so that I can be able to support my scrapbooking addiction. I am soooo hooked!

To Christina, age 18...

Marissa says, KAYA!

Thank you, Lee, I was really challenged. It was fun. I still have a difficult time expressing my feelings for the whole world to see so I came up with this. Still what I feel but one that won't make me cringe sa hiya [-:


Dear Babycakes, I really hope there won’t be a reason for you to read this letter. The fact that you are reading it now means you are on the verge of doing something I would be so nervous to know about. Sometimes you’d rather not hear what I have to say when you have set your mind on doing something. So whether I am still around to nag you or not, this letter is here to nag you again and again, and don’t you dare put it down without reading until the end where it tells you of my feelings for you.

When I was pregnant with you I couldn’t wait to see you and hold you in my arms, 12 years after the birth of your brother. My Little Girl… from the very beginning I felt you are going to be just like me, stubborn and strong-willed. The tighter I held on to you, the stronger you wanted to pull away.

Now I know what they mean when they said having a child is like having your heart roam outside your body. That is exactly how I feel ever since you started walking on your own. A wee bit at a time you insisted on having your way. I was a nervous wreck [even though I didn’t show it] when you started to drive at age 16; I still am; especially when you stay out late until curfew hanging out with friends at the movies or at their homes. I am thankful for the phone calls to let me know where you are and how you are doing at the moment and I hope you will continue to do that even when you are already married and with kids.

I hope that despite the times I say “no way on earth” to your plans and ideas, you will never tire coming to me to let me know about them. You do not need to ask me for permission but I would love that you do, even if it were just pretend. It makes me feel important that I am always a big and important part of your life.

So please keep coming to me [and Papa] for anything that will affect your life [and my life, for that matter]. Such as dyeing your long black hair golden blonde [remember I told you your black roots will show in less than a week and it’s going to look so weird]. Thank you for listening to me. When you said you were going to have your nose pierced or to get a tattoo [remember I said think of the future when you are a part of the corporate world, would it affect how you present yourself?] Thank you for listening to me. When you announced you are not going to attend your prom this year but plan to go sky diving instead… ANAK!!!! Naman! Ay naku, Ginuo! Mamamatay ako! [It’s good you still understand Tagalog] to which you replied, “But I’m the one going to jump out of the plane, not you.” To which I replied, “Ay, naku! Mamamatay ako sa gagawin mong yan. Kanino ka ba nagmana? Wala sa lahi natin ang lumulundag out of the plane! Strapped inside the plane, yes. Pero jumping out of the plane? Hindi tayo lahing supermen, anak! Maghunos dili ka!”

But seriously speaking, any time you feel like jumping out of the norm, please come to me first. You may not like what you’ll hear but please listen to my yada-yada with an open heart and give it some thought. I have lots of things to share. Remember what they taught you in pre-school: stop, look, listen? This doesn’t just pertain to the traffic lights. It pertains to each decision you are to make in your life.

I love you dearly, Babycakes. You may see me as mean & KJ but believe me, I have faith in you truly. Your safety and happiness are my first concerns. I love you for always, forever my baby you’ll be.


Materials Used: K-Ology Scrap Pad To Go, Marcella by K Ancestry swirl & brackets, prima flowers, cut out flowers from other scrap papers, glue dots, buttons, bling

About me:

an inexperienced mom to a teen-age girl. More about who I am: Time Capsules, My Thoughts Exactly, CraftFairy's Scrappenings
Thank you for looking.

To Jannica, aged be read when you become a debutante.

Jill says, KAYA!
Hidden letter reads:

Dear Jannica,
When you were younger, sometimes I would look at you , my heart was always filled with love seeing how you have grown. Your lovely smile brightened up my days and your bedtime hugs and kisses melted my heart. Whether you were dancing on stage, playing your violin. I looked at you in amazEment. You were such a loving child, so sweet, caring and funnY. I was so proud of the person you were becoming and the strength yOu have shown at such a young age. I can't imagine my life withoUt YOU. Now, that you are 18....your life will be more exciting in many ways. It is the period of transition from girl to woman. It is a time to obtain education and develop your personality. It is the stage in life when you begin to think of a host of future life-defining decisions and events. However, it does make the point that when you are 18, you should be actively pursuing goals, events and decisions ahead of you. The most important is committing to God’s way of life. My advise to you is to take time to prove HIS ways—and live it for the rest of your life! I love you.

Materials Used: Clear Expressions by Jackie Eckles Paper Overlay "Relax",Where Memories Are Created Say It With Crystals, stickers, Memory makers journal.

About Me:

Monday, April 28, 2008

To: Sophia 20 Mos.To be read when you are no longer dependent on yaya and stroller.

Marian says, KAYA!

I love being with my granddaughter but at this stage it is quite difficult bringing her around. I am not used to having a yaya following wherever we go. I can't carry her for long stretches of time but I find the stroller inconvenient buckling in and unbuckling every now and then.

Hidden Journaling:
Dearest Sophia, Today we start to be constant companions. Your mommy brings you to school, but since she has to go to work, I will be picking you up at dismissal time. For the first few years, that time will be right smack in the middle of the morning. This means you'll have to come along with me to the office in San Juan. This is how it was when your mommy and Tita Kate were growing up.

I want you to know that I will spend a lot of time with you. I will spoil you with my time and company rather than with material things. I hope you enjoy the things I do like taking pictures, scrapbooking and anything arts and crafts. I will take you to activities that interest you.I hope you'll want to take dance, music, art and acting classes to keep you busy. I have been looking forward to this day and it has arrived.


DCWV textured cardstock, Basic Grey Two Scoops Butter Pecan and Cupid's Arrow patterned paper, element stickers and alphabet stickers, Basic Grey bare chipboard "S"; buttons from my stash, Love Elsie ribbon, Steadler Triplus brown pen, Colorbox Ink, UTEE

layered CS, PP and stickers. Cut a 3 fold heart card using a Coluzzle template, hand cut a heart pocket for the card. Inked and UTEE embossed the S chipboard.

About ME:
I have always loved doing arts and crafts. I used to make macrame belts, paper mache, hair accessories, cross stitch, candles, beaded accessories and Christmas decor. My current favorites are card making, stamping and scrapbooking. I think these 3 are intertwined with each other. I do believe these will be lifelong hobbies as there will always be friends to get in touch with, pictures to document and stories to tell. I am learning to use Photoshop Elements by reading on-line tips and tutorials and trying to do what I read. I hope to become a good photographer through the classes I just started recently.

To Matt, age 4, to be read when you turn 13

Nina says, KAYA!

I've been holding on to these photos of Matt's 3rd birthday for an entire year. I had no idea how to scrap them until this challenge came along and yet it still took me a month to think about it. Thanks, Lee, for the inspiration!

P.S. Pasensya na po sa mala-nobela na sulat. =p

Hidden Letter reads: Envelope reads To be opened on April 3, 2017

Dearest Matt,
Happy birthday! By this time, you’re probably tired of your Mom writing you letters and making you mini-books and scrapbook pages. Indulge me now as I write you a letter from the past.
The photos on this scrapbook page are of you on your third birthday. It was a simple affair. We brought you to Mall of Asia at night, ‘coz Dada had to work during the day, and we let you do your favorite pastime, “roll the ball, shoot the ball” you call it or Timezone. Your birthday treat was your favorite 3-cheese pizza at Delifrance and four seasons juice. Your usual chocolate birthday cake from Red Ribbon was at home.
Let me tell you a little of this past year when you were 3. It was a crazy year for you and for all of us.
You went to toddler school at a school near our place in ParaƱaque. You loved going to school and after 4 short months could sing the alphabet and count 1 to 10 (most of the time, although you still think 9 comes after 4).
You cried like crazy the first few days of toddler school but soon grew attached to your teacher, the teaching assistant and your classmates.
But I also saw a wild side of your that I didn’t know how to deal with. You picked up a friendship with the rowdiest boys in class and I could see that you loved being rowdy just as much as learning.
Of course I felt bad and felt it was my and your Dada’s faults for being too strict on you. You were such a well-behaved toddler and always followed us without question.
Within 4 short months, school was having a bad effect on you. It didn’t help that your first teacher resigned and there was then a never ending change of teachers who couldn’t handle your class of 10.
We pulled you out of school and, thankfully, you were okay with the decision.
Why am I telling all of these details to you now?
Because I wanted to let you know that at 3, you are a very smart boy but you can also choose the wrong kind of people as your friends. Because at 3, you have learned to stand up and refuse to follow Dada and I simply because you feel like it. At 3, although you love learning new things and being read to, you can also get distracted easily and even start making trouble because you’re bored.
Ever since you were a baby, you were your own person. You let the world know if you didn’t like something and absolutely refused to do anything you didn’t want to.
That’s the fierce, independent, strong spirit that you are.
But then, Dada would leave for his business trips abroad and you’d cling to me like a safety blanket and refuse to let me out of your sight.
Sometimes it’s too much for me and I scold you or take out my anger on you and I’m really, really sorry for that.
But I do hope that the closeness we have now will always remind you that I’m here for you no matter what and I love you very much.
As you enter your teenage years, I have the sneaking suspicion I’ll see a lot of who you were when you were 3. And I know there’ll be times we won’t see eye-to-eye or that you’ll feel that your Dada and I are too strict on you.
I hope you forgive us for the times you’ll feel alone and that we can’t understand you. But I hope you’ll also give us the chance to try by talking to us and telling us how you are or any other concerns on your mind.
As early as now, I know that you will have to fight your own battles and make hard decisions for yourself. But that’s what being a teenager is all about.
You are a very smart, kind and sweet person. I know that you’ll make smart decisions.
If you stumble some of the time, there will be times you’ll have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.
Always, your Dada and I are here for you.
And if you can’t talk to us, God is always there for you, watching and taking care of you.
We love you, Matt. May God always be with you.
Love, Mom

Materials used: Cardstock - Bazzill; Patterned paper - Bam Pop, Junkitz, Rhonna Farrer for Autumn Leaves, All About Scrapbooking (clocks); journaling die-cut - Bam Pop; others - playing cards, Dymo tape, photo corners, buttons, pen, ink, envelope and typewriting paper.

About ME:
I'm 29 years old, turning 30 in May, and a stay-at-home mom to 4-year-old Matt.

I got bitten by the scrapbooking bug in March 2006.

You can check out my blog at Creating in Solitude.

To My Kids, ages 9,5,4,3, to be read when mom finally goes back to work

Cabbie says, KAYA!

A mother's sentiment about going back to work will ache her heart. I have been a certified bum, a stay at home (real stay at HOME ) for 5 years after resigning from the medical world. It has been an incomplete path for me knowing that i should have continued my career. People say this is a waste of opportunity and I often agree with them but when I see the kids with only maids to look after them, I just couldn't swallow my conscience. I know this is imbalance because we have to work to live and we cannot always depend on others for survival or for the future. My mind wants to go back but my body just could not move, call me lazy, call me overprotective or anything but it's really so hard to see them with no good supervision. Maybe in the coming months, I will decide well. May God guide my mind and my conscience. May He bring me courage and the determination to face this adjustment.


Dear kids,

Right now, as you open this tag, Mom made the big decision to work again. I can't always depend on others and so this hard decision of going back again. On my part, this is torture because of the big adjustment we are going to face. I feel so helpless knowing that nobody would be there to look after your needs, your daily school works etc. But I am doing this for you all and for your sake. I know i have to sacrifice and this is so hard for me. I have been with you during your younger years and I think the time has come wherein we all have to make something out for our future. I am not going to live forever you know and so I cannot stay this way. Whatever things I am going to miss doing I utter my sincere apology. Whatever stuffs I am going to miss like school orientations or programs, I whisper my sorries. Please remember that this is for your good and advantage. I really have qualms of going back but there is no choice. Be good boys always. Mom loves you all very much!

materials used:

dcwv cs; daisy d fabric flowers; autumn leaves buttons; pebeo paints; MM travel tag; stamping up heat and stick; leeho glitters; sepia accents; AC thickers; stickles; heidie swapp mask; rangers distress inks and blending foam

techniques used:

masking; heat embossing with glitters

about me:

i am cabbie lopez, 35, sahm to 4 boys. co-mod for pinoyscrapbookers and current dt members for scrapbookshawaii and artzdescrap. active scrapbooker since 2006. more of me and my works at cabbie's inks and altered

To HUN, aged 23, to be read on our 7th year together

Khei says, KAYA!

Hidden Journaling:
I love you forever and I kept on believing that someday I will be able to love you more as time goes by. I don't know what to say, because I have a lot. If you ever feel the same as I do, then I would be completely glad for the both of us. Nothing can change my love for you and I will always be the love of your life ... forever. I kept on believing.

I will always put a special spot of you in my heart. No matter where I go, I carry you in me.

I wanted to tell you today how good I feel about us and our future. I enjoyed being with you. It seems that everything we do is even more meaningful because it isn't just for today ... it's for always. You make me feel really happy, and I'll always love making you feel special too.

I'm glad that I can count on you to be there when I need someone to understand, to encourage, reassuring me and I hope you realize you can always count on me too. We share so much of our lives, but it's nice to know that we can still go our own ways now and then and somehow, the more we grow as individuals, the closer we become.

I'm so satisfied with all we have together, and I'm sure that those feelings will last ... that I'll cherish you through a lifetime of beautiful tomorrows. I want you to know how pleased I am to be a part of your life, how much it means to me to know I'll always be in love with you and only you!

My love, my life, my dreams, this is what you mean to me. For seven years now, you have been the motivation behind every breath I take. My whole life ruled by thoughts of you - of us.

The day that I met you was the day my life and thoughts on relationships changed forever. To fall in love with a man who I can just be myself with, who brings out a part of me that I always knew existed but could never find, is just the most amazing feeling I could ever have. The feelings and emotions that you are able to evoke from me are for you alone - a part of me that I want you to have, something that no one else in my life has ever received before.

I have so much to thank you for, so much more yet to give you, so many moments of my life yet to savor with you beside me. You are my love; to me, you ARE love. Hunei, I love you, more than I could ever impart to you with words.

Our 7th anniversary comes with my humble commitment to serve you for life. To give you the joy of a relationship that lets you be yourself, because I know and identify with the human being in you. Sure I don't claim to understand everything that you care about as best as you do, but I will always strive to listen with my heart and reach out for the emotionally complex being in you, to understand how best my life can serve yours and support you fulfilling the purpose for which your life is meant. On our 7th year and beyond, it is with my life and with the life that we hope to create together that I say I love you. By seeking your hand to build a family and pass on the gift of life to our kids ... I say I love you in life and beyond, for eternity. I wish a blissful 7th anniversary and many more to a selfless man with so much integrity and grace and worthy of the true gift of love. I love you, I always will.

Materials Used:
DCWV Brown cs, DCWV Retro Prints patterned pps, Steadler Brown Fineplus pen, RM Paper flower, Prima Esprit Brown flowers, AC thickrs, others: buttons, ricrac, foam alphabets

About ME:
I am Katrina but my friends call me Khei. I am 22 years old, mother to 3 year old Benedict Andrei. I started scrapbooking 3 years ago but I only scrapbook full time last June. I love scrapbooking because it’s my de-stresser and it makes me remember good memories. I can challenge myself to be creative. Feel free to visit my blog:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

To Luigi, my 14 year old son, to be opened on your High School Graduation Day

Issa says, KAYA!



Journaling (Hidden Letter)
Dear Luigi,

Congratulations Luigi! Your Daddy and I are so proud of you son! As you graduate from high school today, I can't help but say that my little boy is now a grown up man.

I can still recall your preschool years. Your naughty ways that threatened your classmates and teachers because of your famous line, "Gusto mo, pasabugin ko itong school?" On your first year in school, you were awarded "Most Active Student". You were undoubtedly really active and playful just like any boy your age. After your first two years in preschool, your teacher told me that you to have dyslexia because you read and wrote in a backward manner, only to find out that they had just misjudged you. You were in the honor roll from Grades 1 to 3 and that made us really proud.

I wanted you to enjoy every moment of your highschool life, experience your first crush and heartbreak, go out with your friends and enjoy a little freedom. High school indeed is the best part of your school years. It prepares you for a higher level of wisdom and knowledge, while enjoying the moments of growing up and maturing from being a child to a teener.

Now as you close another chapter of your youthful life, you are about to enter another one - College! When you were still small, you always admired your Ninong Louie-- his life, his job and even his cars. I told you to study hard so that someday you will be like your Ninong. That was so easy for me say because you were just a little child. But now that you are entering college, I want you to go back to your dreams and start building them now. You will be needing a lot of patience, hard work, maturity and discipline. Whatever field you wish to take, your Daddy and I will be behind you, with all the support and prayers we can give you for those dreams to come true someday.

I believe in you Kuya, set a good example to your little brother Enzo and make our family proud of you. Love you Luigi!

Goodluck and God bless you always,

Materials used:
Basic Grey 9 Iron pps, Aged and Confused-Vagabond Box Plaid, Aged & Confused-Phresh and Phunky Phoilage, blue letter envelope, beige cardstock, buttons, brads, WRMK precious hardware metals book plate, DMC gold thread, Thickers jewelry box chipboard letters, Ranger glossy accents, metal sticker (unknown) and Prima note pads for my letter inside the envelope.

About ME:
Issa Lucido, SAHM to two boys Luigi, 14 and Lorenzo, 4 and a partner and wife to Dodo. I love everything about scrapbooking! I love to scrap my kids' experiences and happenings. I started scrapbooking since 2003 when I met Timi Mercado and became hooked since 2006. I'm a member of the LB Scrapaholics. You can see visit my creations at

To Isabel, aged 9 1/2 months: to be opened on your high school graduation

Yoyin says, KAYA!

This is my first (ever!!!) Kaya Challenge entry. Woohoo... eversince I started scrapbooking, I've (almost) always made it a point to include hubby (either by asking for his opinion or ideas - but most of the time, asking for his money...hehehe). So when I saw Lee's challenge, I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to "really" have him participate... hubby was really excited to write the letter - and even though I asked him not to make it a long one, he still ended up using SIX (!!!!) pieces of paper. [luv yah, sweetie]

So, here is "our" layout ----

Hidden Journaling [handwritten by dear hubby]:
(April 24, 2008)
Dearest Isa,
It's exactly 9pm right now. Your mom's busy cutting away on various kinds of paper as she's busy making her layout where this letter will be placed. It's actually a big thrill for both of us to be doing this for you. We're really excited! :) You're just 9 1/2 months old right now and Mamu's taking care of you and that's why your mom and I found time to do this. Hehehe :) Otherwise, if you're also here in our room, you'd be very "malikot" and we'd be very busy chasing you around the bed instead.

Anyway, I'd like for you to know how blessed we all have been ever since you came into this world. Your antics have never failed to brush away our stress and fatigue from work. You are our inspiration in all the things we do. Your mom and I are always excited to see and hold you everytime we come home. Your smile, your shouts and your waves are always a sight to behold.
However, we know that your being small will not last very long. In fact, you've been growing in such a fast pace lately and your mom and I are realizing that soon enough, you'd be running around the house and the garden and/or climbing the roof or the trees!! :) And as you grow, we'll be doing our very best to shower you with all the love we have in our hearts. We will support you every step of the way until you'd be strong enough to topen up your own wings and fly to the top of the world! Your mom and I will guide you the best way we can and we will provide you with all the things you'd need.

As early as now, your mama and I already know that someday you'd have to leave us. You will have to discover the world on your own. Oh, don't worry. We'll always be around. We'd still be here. We'll just be a little bit farther from you. :) You know, anak, it's precisely for this reason why I chose that you open this on your high school graduation. We know that when you go to college, you'd have to leave us for awhile. And leaving us is actually a good thing. It will be part of your development.

You will carry with you, in your heart, all of the things we've shared with you. You'll have all that you'll need to face the demands of college. In your heart - that's where your mama and I will always be. :) Whenever you're down or faced with adversity, just close your eyes and soon, you will realize that we're always with you no matter where you are. No matter what - nandiyan lang kami sa puso mo, anak.

I know that when you go to college, things here at home will never be the same. We know that the house will be a lot cleaner as your clutter will be in their right place. We know that it would be a lot quieter since you won't be around listening to your type of music. But most of all, we know that we'll miss you. Things are just not going to be the same without our Isa-hot-hot around.

I guess we would really have mixed emotions on this day. We will surely be happy and proud as you go up the stage to get your diploma and all the possible medals and trophies that you deserve for your hard work. However, we would also be saddened knowing that soon it will be college life for you. It's going to be very hard for us, especially your mama, to let you go and have you exposed to the world's reality. This is something that we'll be preparing for as early as now.
Anak, it's time. Open your wings! Flap them slowly, then, as you feel the wind beneath them, flap them faster as fast as you can! Fly high, our Isa. Fly high! We are very proud of you. You deserve nothing but the best. Discover the world! Discover who you are! Rest assured, we'll be here. Ok? I want for you to love life. Be swept away. Have fun as you face the hurdles of college!

Go, our Isa! Go! Fly!
We love you so much!


Materials Used:
Autumn Leaves - Tres Swirls, Scenic Route - blue grid/white background, Heidi Swapp chipboard letters, Fancy Pants chipboard, Autumn Leaves - techno pop buttons, foam die-cuts, star eyelets, bling, AC slick writer, Versamark (white), Colorbox - chestnut roan, rub-ons (Jenni Bowlin, Cosmo Cricket), plain cardstock

About Me:
Hi. I'm Yoyin - a legal analyst (from Monday-Friday), a mom to an adorable little girl named Isa (24/7) and a self-confessed scrapbook addict (365 days a year). Feel free to drop by my blog: Hope to meet all of you at the Scrapfest!!! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A note to my girl read me when you turned 12

Zabeth Says, Kaya

For almost a week of thinking got no idea what my entry will be for this challenge. I am not planning to submit an entry for I have several reason first, no idea what picture to put on , second, been so busy lately, third my English are not better than the others. But, since Kaya is been part of my life and Kaya is always my monthly challenge I have to be productive.

So, here is my layout:

Hidden Journaling:
Dear Grace,
I loved to share to you my miracle experience having you in my tummy for 9 months.
For nine months, that tiny miracle do wonders insides a mother womb. The miracle grows in 9 months. Here's the story, as you know Mommy and Daddy married for 3 ½ years and mommy really get hard to conceive, and daddy needs a lot of supplement booster to be healthy and good shape. Mommy also goes to laparoscopy to view her uterus and the operation was successful. Before you come I prayed a lot to God and asking for a child. God answered my prayer for he listens to prayer.

I also got the vision that I will bear a child with this story. "A child holding my pants ans saying don't cry anymore." After that vision I don't expect that I was already pregnant for 2 weeks and that is March 20,2004.

Mommy didn't get hard time during my pregnancy and delivery of child for all the time I keep praying for God's help and God is gracious.

Read the article clips for I have the same experience I felt on how you grows inside.


Technique/Materials Used: I used the pregnancy article and the ultrasound film for the layout. I also add some hidden journaling for the letter that have to be read when she turned 12, inking.
DCWV cardstock, MM noteworthy album journal, handmade stash chipboard, bling, flower brad, Reeves glitter, Simple joy alphabet sticker, Reminiscence love sticker, Scrapbook materials, punch, colorbox ink, Walnut ink-antiquing solution, Craft Express rub-on.

Elizabeth, A devoted mother to Grace. I loved my life and for me my family is the first. I've been hooked to scrapbook for past 10 months and enjoyed doing every of my layout. Please do visit some of my work only here at

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Galo, age 4, to be read on the day you decide to walk down that aisle

Candy says, KAYA!

This KAYA Challenge was quite difficult to execute. The LO itself was easy. It was writing the letter, anticipating what I would feel decades from now, plus anticipating that I may not even be here by then. It was difficult to write it because as soon as I'd start doing so, the tears start flowing. It took me 1 day to do the LO, but also 1 week to write this letter. I'm glad to have done it though as this letter will be a testament of my feelings for my boy when that time comes.

Hidden Letter:
Dearest Galo,

Today, you have decided to walk down that aisle. By the time you read this, I'll be at least 20, 30 or 40 years older. I may not even be there by this time. This is a consequence of marrying a bit older and having you even much later.

Don't get me wrong. Marrying late was our choice, specifically mine. I had to study and find myself in the world before I could commit to your dad for life. I was able to live and experience the life I wanted. I knew what I gave up so I didn't have any misgivings or doubts. I knew what I was ready for.

Having you late was something we didn't anticipate. We have given up hope when you made your presence felt. Because of the difficult pregnancy, I admit I was angry at God and even wished you away. Fortunately, God didn't listen to me at that time. The miracle of your birth changed all that. Again and again, we were reminded that you are our gift, our "regalo." And over the succeeding years, you have made our lives happy, and our family complete.

I am sure that the woman you chose is someone you truly love. My mom once said that a mother always feels that no one is good enough for her child. I often wondered about that if and when the time came. I would like to think that we would have taught you enough to be able to choose someone who deserves your love. Just promise me that you will cherish her like your dad cherished me.

If by this time, I do have the chance to meet her, I will welcome her with open arms and accept her like the daughter I never had.

I love you, my son, with all of my heart. It would be a privilege to see you walk down that aisle, should luck be on my side.


P.S. Should you decide to enter a religious community instead, you have our blessings as well. We know that God speaks in many ways. If you listen to His voice inside you, you will know what is right for you.

Materials Used:
Cosmo Cricket First Gift, DCWV Old World, Scrapworks Skinny Whisper Interval, WRMK Precious Metal Hardware pewter press, Creative Imaginations Narratives Transparent Library Pocket, Craftworld buttons with printed words, misc. black cotton thread and aqua cord, Queen & Co. felt border black, Prima Hydrangeas, mm 5th Ave. Blossom & Buttons Sophia, Carolina's bling, Barbara Trombley's Vintage Glass Glitter 61- Onyx, Inque Boutique Narratives Stamp, Stampin'Up En Francais stamp for border handwritten print, FP Bella Brush frame stamp, Quickutz Sophisticate alpha dies, QuickStrips Manhattan, Tsukineko Walnut Ink, Brilliance Moonlight white stamp, VersaCraft 182 Real Black, Sailor Warm Cream pen, Pigma Micron 03.

Techniques Used:
Stamping, stamping of the border of the paper, inking the border with walnut ink, sewing buttons.

About ME:
I love making LOs of my son and of my ancestors. I am very comfortable with the vintage look but love experimenting with bright colors, esp. earth and nature colors, whenever possible. Scrapbooking is a passion and an expression of my soul and of my life. You can check out my work at

To Ethan, 7, and Ashton, 15 months, to be read on your 1st Night Out Together

Roxanee says, KAYA!

I tried to be not serious with this layout - I mean no tears involved otherwise that would put me off and stop me from doing a layout. So with Cheeky as the title, I wrote the letter in a cheeky way. Well, that really comes from my heart. I am actually nervous just thinking about this event or milestone or whatever term is suitable. And maybe people would think it's a bit unorthodox, well looking at the future, chances are, my kids will really go on a night out together - just by themselves (my hubby and I had planned their firsts to be accompanied by us.) I don't know if this letter will stop them from going (hope not), but then whose got a Mom who made a layout and wrote a letter ages ago for a first night out together?! The truth is, this is my way to express the fear a Mom would feel when her kids are about to put their social life to the next level. I cross my fingers. Sigh.

Mommy's Cheeky Little Men

toGeTher, SiLLy, eNjoy, YipPeE, GigGle, TicKle

Hidden letter reads:
Mommy's (now these are hidden) gorgeous boys: Ok, ok! Let me put this STRAIGHT- I didn't write this to be a drama queen for the moment...I'm just going to wish the 2 of you LUCK on your 1st NIGHT OUT TOGETHER!! How exciting! Ethan-you're the BIG BRO, I know I don't have to remind u about looking after ASHTON. Just take it Easy, ok? And you young one- yes you ASHTON, don't over indulge! There are more night outs to come. Just make this a memorable one...then we'll scrapbook it together...hahahaha. Try not to get too drunk, respect the AMBER ALE (that is beer folks). Look after yourselves ok? Otherwise this will be your 1st and last. (I am slightly serious). You know the rules don't you? It's a shame Dad & I are not joining you. We are not keen on stalking you this time. LOL. And lastly, stay away from dangerous girls (and Guys too)...don't leave your drink-keep an eye on it! Ok 'nuff said. Have fun! We trust you a lot! Love & kisses, Mommy. BE SAFE.
P.S. I would love to hear about it tomorrow! LOL! wink
P.S. #2 Be nice to the taxi driver. Give him the tip-a fair dinkum one.
P.S. #3 Kindly put this letter back where you got it from.

Material Used:
card stock from Craft market, stamps by Grant and Stephanie Barnard Collection, ink by grant, pretty colour and versa color, buttons, safety pin, PP by Lisa Wells, olive ric rac and ribbon from Lincraft, brad, mulberry flower by Smart Kraft, Scotch tacky glue, double sided tape, Frencheville journal pen,white pen by Uniball, emroidery floss, faux leather string, whispers strokes dual tip pen, stapler.

Techniques Used:
sponged light blue pigment ink on the cuttlebug embossed words , paper tearing, stamping.

About ME:
Hi, I'm Roxannee, Mom of 2 boys, wife to my patient & gentle HS sweetheart. Started scrapbooking in 2007 and loving it! I'm also into card making, cake decorating, and I'm willing to try all sorts of crafts!! Have u seen my blog yet? click here:

To MJ aged 4! To be read on your Graduation Day in College

Me-anne says, KAYA!

I love writing post-dated letters if I may call it, to be read only after few years. I have one of those, when I still carried my eldest inside my tummy, she was barely 3 months old inside, up until I brought her out of this world. Every time I check on my journal it would always bring me tears. Now I don't want to miss this chance for Kaya Challenge, I already missed one last time due to not following instructions I did not upload it (kasi pinoy actor ginawa ko hehehe).

Anyway, this one I enjoyed the most of all Kaya Challenges I happened to participate in, to the extent na-over do it ata, but its okay because I have a finished layout which I'm pretty sure my daughter would be touched reading once she opens it on her graduation day!

So here's my take:

(letter envelope)

(additional photos)

Hidden Letter:
Dear MJ,

Congratulations for finally making it through college and by getting a degree. More than anything else, you made us so happy and proud because you were able to help us realized our dreams. For this is our only tangible things we can offer you - an investment of a lifetime.

Now we can say, it is finished and now you can decide and have a life of your own.

This is actually what we are telling you, just be good in your studies, you can make friends but make sure you take your priorities in tact. For everything else follows once you were able to reached this point.

Now you can have the luxury of time to do other things which we've asked you to set aside in the meantime and consider studying your foremost priority in life.

Today you made us proud even more because you did not fail us. You know we only wanted the best for you and for your siblings and we thank God over and over again for giving you to us a treasure to hold and nourish.

You know that I love doing a memento of your beautiful pictures as I were able to capture your very first graduation day in your Nursery class back in 2008.

Here attached pictures of you graduating Top 2 of your class, with Best in Math, Science, Computer, Pilipino and Most Thoughtful as your awards. This made us more assured that you'll definitely do good in your studies only if you continue to take it seriously.

Here also you see some of your classmates who were one with you during that memorable culminating activity.

And Hannah your younger sister- who was only 2 years old that time - very clueless about what's going on around.

It was really a very meaningful, heartwarming, exciting and joyous day indeed specially for me who happened to assist and accompany you on that day.

Papa wasn't able to make it because he has to work since, he was barely new to the company that time, but he did call me to update him what were you doing and truly he was more happier that I am.

Now we are thankful that you've come this point and we are proud of you.

We remain to support you and we will always be at your side and walk with you in every step of the way, specially now that you will be facing a new chapter of your life facing the real battles and challenges of this world.

We love you MJ and we will always be...Though this is not the end...this is only the beginning of a life full of promises and dreams.


Material Used:
Cherry Arte Tropics - Lime Zigzag; Nana's Kids printed CS with glitters, MM Brad Lemonade, Fancy Pants Ribbons, KI Memories Pop Culture Gossip Hazzard, Foofala Buttons, Fancy Pants Rub-ons, Prima Flowers, K&Company tags and Brenda Walton Alphabet Stickers, MM safety pins, MM Noteworthy glitter diecuts, Cherry Arte Alpha Rub-ons, Scenic Route Alpha Rub-ons, Cosmo Cricket Diecuts, and Thickers Smoothie

About ME:
I'm a working mom, juggling between work, mothering, being a spouse, a friend, daughter and member of LNP community. Tiring but find this hobby scrapbooking as stress reliever and therapy to fine tune myself and come back fully recharge ready for another challenge and juggling tricks. Thank you for making me part of this group even if I'm not physically present at times whenever the group meets but still the connection is always there. You can find some of my work at

Thursday, April 17, 2008

To Colin, aged 11, to be read on your engagement

Marix says, KAYA!

I initially have second thoughts joining the challenge, I thought it was too personal plus I have a weakness in journaling and most of all writing letters. But I don't want to miss any Kaya challenge and as challenger Ms Lee mentioned it can be humorous. As long as I write from the heart and it conveys the real emotion I'm feeling then it should be stress free. So I did try to write a mix of lighthearted and humorous letter to my nephew/godson Colin who just graduated from primary school. The design was a scraplift from Keisha Campbell's LO. Thanks Lee for this one of a kind and memorable challenge that I intend to do from time to time.

Dear Colin,

First of all congratulations! *sana lng tlga ndi ka napikot sa gwapo mong yan hahahaha* I remember the time that your Dad, my Kuya told me he's getting married. His face is shining with joy although a bit worried because you know how scary your Lola is hehehe, pero feel ko tlga ang happiness na nararamdaman nya. I was happy for him but a bit scared as well for the big responsibility ahead of him. Settling down, being a husband and a father is no easy task. But he did it! He turned out to be a great provider, a wonderful father to you and a loving husband to your Mom. And as you take this new chapter in your life, I hope your Dad will be your inspiration to a blissful marriage.

Hugs and kisses,
Ninang Marix

Please go and multiply, padamihin mo ang lahi natin hahaha

pps - Teresa Collins (journaling blocks), Hambly (border), ( i forgot the brand of the ledger pp); Chatterbox and MM letter stickers, AC vinyl stickers, SEI sticker, 7Gyspsies paper clip and fabric sticker, creative cafe buttons,MM magnetic stamps, fiber, clip, uniball signo pens, veracolor ink

Letter (black notebook paper) was tucked behind the photo as a mat, to get the look of a torn page from a notebook, I punched holes on one side of the pp and tore the holes
Stamping, inking edges

I'm Marix aka Benga currently residing in Singapore but a true blue Pinay, heart and soul! I love to scrap, create cards, alter and do anything crafty. I'm also a bloghopper who constantly looks for inspiration, new techniques, latest trends and even the latest chika in the colorful world of scrapbooking. Together with my scrap buds we formed a Pinay group of scrappers here in SG to share and encourage others to discover the life changing hobby of scrapbooking. We just turned one this April and we hope you can drop by at our blog to see the wonderful creations of our fellow Pinay scrappers. You can also know more about my scrappalific life at my blog. Thanks!