Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Christmas Door Hangers

Rowee says, KAYA!

This is my first to submit entry at Kaya although I've been a member of Pinoy Scrapbookers for 3 years now. Anyway, I made mine from door hangers. I bought this at Japan Homes for a cheap price. Here's the finished product.

Materials used:
Door hangers, Basic Grey, gold acrylic paint, Glue, Christmas ribbon

I painted the door hangers with gold Acrylic paint. Put PPS as matting for the picture. Glued the garlands and put Christmas ribbon around at the bottom part.

About ME:
My name is Rowee. I've been a scrapbooker for 3 years now. I have a 5 year old girl named Rain. My husband Terence is always supportive in what i do. You can view my creations at

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas Heart Ornaments

Ching says, KAYA!

My husband and I went to Borders book store the other night. I went at the magazine section, while he was looking up some books at the reference section. I was fascinated by several articles in the Sommerset Scrapbook magazine. One such article gave me this idea to make the ornament for my entry on Candy's KAYA 20 Challenge - "The Christmas Challenge"

And I came up with the following:

Materials used:
Christmas fabrics scraps, sewing machine, hand needle, thread, batting, ribbons, lace, Christmas collection ornaments picks, glue, Round plastic display box.

- Cut four pairs of heart shape from different patterns of Christmas fabric scraps.
- Overlap a pair of heart facing the right side; use the sewing machine or
hand needle to sew the edge of the heart leaving 2” open for stuffing.
( Do the same with the rest of the heart)
- Turn on the right side and stuff with small pieces of batting; close the
opening using hand needle. ( Do the same with the rest of the heart)
- Decorate the four stuffed hearts with lace, ribbon and Christmas ornaments picks.
- The photos are then cropped to a circle with a 2 ½” diameter glued to the
display box.
- Place the display box with photo on the center of the heart ornament.

About Me:

My name is Ching, a SAHM to a 16 year old son, married to a wonderful man. We live on the southeast coast of USA. I started scrapbooking in 2004, but like most, I have more supplies than pages, done. I eagerly begun scrapping again when I joined the PinoySrapbookers group on January 2008 and quickly did some albums of layouts for my family. I love to make double layouts with 2 to 4 photos each.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cubes

Sheryl says, Kaya!

I've had these photo cubes since the beginning of this year, gathering dust on top of a bookshelf. I've been meaning to make it into well, photo cube frames but had neither time nor inspiration to get started. Candy's challenge however, pushed me into altering it into something else: Christmas tree decors!

(image from handcraftedexpressions' website)

The concept came to me about two weeks after it was announced. I thought it was perfect because I could drill a hole on the top portion of the cube, and hold it in place using the spring like holder for Christmas balls.

First, I gathered the photos to be used: my family, my parents, my siblings and their respective families, my parents-in-law, my grandparents, my sister- and brother-in-law's families. Some cubes have photos on all four sides but most only have two sides. In place of photos, I used Christmas themed-PPS from my scraps stash.

Next, I sprayed copper radiant rain shimmering mist all over the cubes, and let it dry. I have never been so grateful having the copper mist in my stash. Later, you'll see why.

When dry, I adhered the photo and PPS on all four sides of the cubes, took me thirty minutes to do this. Then I inked the edges of the cubes, then applied Ranger Icicle Stickles on top of the inked edges.

Next, I drilled holes on top of the cubes (less than one minute each), and inserted the christmas balls holder from the excess CB decors. :-) and voila!!!

This year I used copper colored Christmas balls to give the tree a much-needed contrast. That's why, I was thankful I also got the same color of shimmering mist in my stash.

Photocubes from handcraftedexpressions
Uhu Glue
Assorted Christmas-themed PPS
Ancient Page Dye-Ink Page
Ranger Icicles Stickles
Assorted Ribbons

About me:
Happy Mama to now happier Lilaa and Maia (ages 3 & 1.5 years old, respectively); wife to my one big love. Rekindled my love affair with Scrapbooking in May 2006. I c0-own and co-manage an online bookstore with a good friend Julie Kelly. I also dabble in freelance writing in my spare time.

I am into books (of various genre), foreign art films with high preference for the classics, and I'm also learning photography one click at a time. Now that I stay at home full -time, I hope to do more good use of my hands.

Virtually, I have moved to my new home here. Though you can always come by here.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snowflake Ornaments

Marian says KAYA!

I actually bought these ornaments a week before Candy's challenge but didnt get to put in the pictures. With all the other holiday preparations still not done I decided not to stress myself and just do this for next year's decor. Thanks to Candy, I found the time to put in the pics to qualify for the challenge. Hope I can fill up all the frames before Christmas.

The most time consuming part of this challenge was selecting pictures and cropping them to fit into a 1.75 inch circle and then cutting them. I also changed the ribbon for hanging into silver cord and adding red and silver ribbon to the top of the ornament.

About ME:
I love to shop for new scrapbook stuff. I have more stuff than I think I can use iin my lifetime. My daughters know this will be part of their inheritance as I think most of my money goes to this craft. Haha. So to justify all this scrap shopping I need to scrap more.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My P&A Family

Janis says, KAYA!

In these hard times, recycling makes perfect sense. I asked my officemates for coasters (broken CDs) and ribbons (coming from the early gifts of our big bosses ) and then made these for them (simple drilling of the CDs, paper cutting, matting then just adding the twigs and the berries with a glue gun). They were surprised at how beautiful the "scraps" turned out to be (my director even told me to consider going into this kind of business.) I initially made solo shots of us, hopefully I can also include group shots.

Thanks Candy for this challenge.

Materials Used:
Recycled CDs, ribbons, AAS handmade papers, gold twigs and glittered green berries, gold string, gluestick, tacky glue.

About ME:
I am

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2nd RAK for the Christmas Challenge

To further sweeten the deal this Christmas, we have a 2nd RAK prize as shown above. This means that in order to qualify for both the original RAK (see photo below) or this 2nd RAK, all you have to do is to include 5 photos (group or individual) into your christmas tree or holiday decoration. This means 2 lucky ladies will win the 2 prizes!!! And since Christmas is fast approaching, please do this challenge soon! Although the deadline for uploading is still by the end of December, it would really be best if on the day of Christmas, your family becomes the focal point of the season. So ladies, are you up to the challenge?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Glass Balls

Candy says, KAYA!

I've been meaning to do this since last year. I couldn't find clear glass christmas balls, but was fortunate enough to know of a glassmaker who was able to do them for me.

Inside the glass balls, I placed individual photos of our family members, from our grandparents, to current living relatives. These photos were printed on transparencies. This gave the photos an ethereal touch. I also stamped green vines on the sides of the glass. Although not an original idea, since this came from a reader in a scrapbooking magazine, I decided to extend her idea into having individual photos of our ancestors as well. When these glass balls were placed on a tree, our christmas tree literally became a family tree. All 10 balls are all Galo's ancestors from both sides. I also added him, plus all of my family members, or as much of them as possible. Since I don't have complete photos yet, I intend to add on more of our current family into this tree.

Materials used: glass balls, StazOn olive green, wire ribbon with grapes design, misc. olive ribbon, christmas tree trimming of berries and leaves that were cut and reattached on the christmas ball and ribbon, AAS wires, magic wires for hanging.

KAYA 20 - The Christmas Challenge


Christmas is definitely a holiday for the family. So I thought, for my first ever KAYA Challenge, instead of having the standard christmas tree with decor and gifts, why not include your family literally?! This way, your tree literally becomes an ancestral tree where your children can really see and celebrate the lives of their past and present relatives. Children and adults alike will be able to talk about each member of the family since the photo/-s honor each of them. Your tree will be a living family tree this Christmas.

So for your final challenge for year 2008: INCLUDE YOUR FAMILY/ANCESTORS IN YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE/ HOLIDAY DECORATIONS. For those without christmas trees, you can do something similar with any christmas decor, eg. wreath, staircase/curtain swag, table centerpiece, etc.

General Reminders:

1. All entries must include at least 5 photos. These may be individual portraits or group photos. Photos can be of any color or any size. Photos may be current or past, photos of living or deceased relatives. These photos must be part of the decoration (tree, advent wreath, belen/manger scene, stairway decor, etc.) whether they be in the christmas balls, the ribbons, etc. Other extra decorations in the tree/wreath/centerpiece etc. are allowed.

2. For uploading, all projects must have at least 1 group shot on the tree or location of the decor (staircase/wreath, etc); 1 group shot outside the tree or location of decor must be close enough to show all the details. Each uploaded photo should not exceed 300 KB.

3. No journaling is required, but you should have an explanation in the write up as to why you chose to do these holiday decorations of your family. Do include the materials list and techniques you used. I'm sure that your christmas tree/decor will really spark conversations this season, especially amongst the family members.

4. All Family decorations must be new and created in response to the Kaya Challenge.

5. All entries must adhere to the challenge requirements to be eligible to win the RAK.

6. Deadline for sending in your take of the challenge is December 30, 2009 (11:59pm).

Winner of this KAYA 20 Challenge will receive this rak! Hope you can join!!! So go ahead, make your family memories the center of your christmas this year. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Note: Previous challenge winners for October and November are welcome to share their work but are not eligible for the RAK.


I salute each of you for standing up to the challenges and and proving that it was KAYANG - KAYA.

I know how hard it was to find time to submit 4 layouts for November but YOU DID IT!

I am so proud of you all!

Everyone will be eligible for the draws to be held during the PS and SE Christmas Party on December 6, 2008. As posted, those who completed all the challenges will qualify for the grand prize draw. For those who didn't, each layout you submitted will correspond to 1 chance at the mini raffle draw.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

UPDATED 12/07/08

Congratulations to BJAY JAMINAL - winner of the major RAK and Ems Fronda - winner of the minor RAK. The draw was made yesterday at the Mad Scrappers' Christmas Party. Your prizes will be mailed to you from the U.S., so please be patient.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Cookie says, KAYA!

I never knew I can make a double pager in less than 1 hour!!!! there's a lot of things going on in my scrapping life in the past week that I almost wasnt able to make this last LO for Marj's Challenge!!! This Lo was based on a Pagemap sketch (thank goodness for sketches!!!) they are very helpful in: on the spot, last minute creation of a layout!!! Neway, here's my simple double pager.... Closer look...
another closer look....
Journaling: Everytime I see these 2, they are always havin fun. I'll just hope they will stay this way.... happy and worry-free... even if the other one grows up and the other grows old.

Materials Used: Basic grey - Off beat pps; pebeo 3d paints; AC thicker; Colorbox Ink - raven black; DCWV white cardstock
About Me:
I'm Cookie Aguilar, 30 years old and a SAHM to a super poser boy named Harvey. I love this hobby so much!!! and Im really having a blast creating pages! To see more of me, visit me here.

Havin Fun

Donna says, Kaya!

Another one of those 1-hr layouts I made. Marj, your challenges make me scrap faster than I usually do heeheeDid this right after I got home from Jane's birthday sale (Rekindled Moments), just ate dinner and went ahead in my scrap room to finish this 2-pager.Journaling: 0406We were invited to a bday party in Jollibee Green Meadows. Eventhough we just got from a summer outing the same day, it was a surprise that Cheska still enjoyed the party. But she cried when she saw the Jollibee mascots hehehe The theme of the party was Justice League, hence the Wonder Woman paper tiara/crown (whatever it is called).

Materials/Technique: Bazzill cs, KI Memories papers and epoxy embellishments, Chatterbox letter stickers, Staedtler pen for journaling and doodling.

About ME:My name is Donna Espiritu. I design for My Little Attic (, Scrapbooks Hawaii (, Dixie Pieces digital ( and Black Magic Sketches( out more of me here, MY SCRAPBOX (

Magnificent Mayon

Barbie says KAYA!

Whew! The final challenge, what a ride! These pages seemed to resist getting made - the photos were lost, then the newly-developed ones got forgotten overnight at the developing shop. Then the original idea was UGLY. Then the cat stepped in the paint and did his own rendition of the LO. To top it all off, I had holiday baking to do.


Finally, reworked twice, a spread about our 2003 trip to see the Mayon volcano - a trip my siblings and I were not even excited about until we saw the perfect cone rising in the distance.

It may look really simple, but most of the time, that's how my pages look.

You always hear tales of how awesome a place is and think, "Meh. It's just another mountain. But when you get there, you're amazed at how much humbled you are by the beauty before you. And you never forget.

Materials Used:
Reeves acrylic paint, Colorbox chalklets, MM ink pads, K&Co patterned Pape, MM foam stamps

Painting, inking, chalking, paper tearing, stamping

About ME:

I'm Lianne Barbieto, but most people know me as Barbie. 30 years old, life partner to Fire, freelance writer and editor. Finally coming to grips with the fact that my style may be more simple than I'd like it to be.

Xmas 2000

Lee says, KAYA!

Whew! Talk about beating the clock. I had some difficulty with this challenge because my printer ran out of magenta ink so I couldn't use a sketch, as I usually do when working with many photos. So I had to look into my photo box for pictures I can use for a spread, and without any sketch, just cut and pasted, punched and pasted. It doesn't matter if it worked --- I scrapped a double-page, something I haven't done for more than a year.

But thanks to Marj for this challenge, I finally got to scrap old Christmas photos. I am now inspired to complete a Family Christmas album from 1997 - 2007 before December 25. One year down, nine to go. :-) Wish me luck.

My apologies for the photo, had to do this in a hurry and under low light.

This is Sarah's first Christmas. And Diego's first to have to share the presents under the tree. But he didn't mind. In fact, he happily helped Sarah open her gifts. I think Sarah knew something momentous was happening, but she was just as happy eating the gift wrappers as she was chewing her new toys.

Diego - 2 years 10 months
Sarah - 9 months
45 Maginhawa Street

Materials Used:
CS - DCWV; PPS - Basic Grey, Chaterbox; Chipboards - K & Co., American Crafts; Paint and Glitter - Making Memories; Ink - Tsukineko, Ranger; Pen - Sakura; Adhesive - Saunders; Punchers - Marvy Uchida, Fiskars; Foam - Darice.

About ME:
I am Lee, a bit harassed right now cause we just got home from the opening of the Marikina Christmas Festival Water Fantasy (you have to bring your family to the Marikina Riverbank to see the amazing displays.) I left my LO half finished this afternoon cause DH promised me we were gonna come home early. But alas! We had too much fun and now I'm paying for it. But as Shakespeare said, all's well that ends well. Know more about me at The Armchair Scrapper.


Bjay says, KAYA!

The last time I did multiple 12x12 spreads in one album was in the year 2000 when I made our informal wedding album complete with our love history (hah!). since it's been 8 years ago, this challenge scared the wits out of me. but hey, I managed *grin*

My friend Ems has been asking me to make her youngest daughter's baby spread. So here it is, Alexa on her 12th month. By the way, the cute bub is also my inaanak.

Month after month, you were a sight to behold. - Ninang Bjay

Materials used:
CS: Bazzill; PPS: Scenic Route, Crate paper, SEI; Rub-ons: Luxe, 7Gypsies, Imagination Project (journaling spot) & UBL (alpha); AC Thickers, Love, Elsie gel stickers, Staedler pen & misc. pink lace

Precision cutting

About Me:
I haven't started with the parol project, no ATC yet, and still undecided if I'll make a go on the 12x12 valentine LO. Oh, yeah! wala pa akong costume for the December 6th SE-PS Christmas party!

Read more about me HERE