Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cathy's ATCs

Cathy says, KAYA!

These ATCs were inspiredby Tim Holtz' 12 tags of Christmas. This was such a good challenge! Thanks!

About ME:

I'm a scrapaholic! Started scrap shopping when there were barely any suppliers here and that was 7 years ago. Since I only had my own scrapbook room last year. that's when I started scrapping and got introduced to the different suppliers here! Since then i've attended a few workshops and have only been active in blogging a month ago. These are also posted in my blog at:


marking said...

I'm impressed! You were able to make 11 of the 12 tags of Christmas inspired by Tim Holtz - and they are beautiful.

Alby said...

Whoa!!! Ang dami! Congrats Cathy for making a lot of ATCs. And they are beautiful! TH will be proud. :D

LG said...

OMG!!! ANG GALING MO!!!! Love all your ATCs sis. Turuan mo naman ako ang haba ng blog ni Tim kakatamad magbasa hehehe. Demo mo nalang sa akin ha

Cathy Bautista said...

Thanks ladies! Coming from you talented women that's a compliment! I really had fun doing this! I love all Tim Holtz! I only wish I have all his stamps too! :)

LG - surely sis! On our next scrap day! :)

janis said...

OMG!!!! wagi lahat ang atcs mo cathy!!!!

jonaks said...

wow!!! these are all gorgeous!!!