Monday, November 30, 2009

Isah Mae's ATCs

Isah Mae says, KAYA!

ATCs are very useful and they are so cute!!! My cards show the two well known symbols of Christmas... (Christmas Tree and Gift). I really enjoyed doing this challenge because doing a personalized thing or craft is a fun activity!!!

Merry Christmas to all!


All About Scrapbooking - cardstock, gift sticker, Simple Joys - ribbons, cardstock, & sticker letters, Paint, Disney Metallic Felt Pen, HBW Craft Punch

Paper tearing, Painting and Layering

About ME:
I'm Isah Mae, but my friends call me sahmae. I am a Marketing student in Central Colleges of the Philippines. I've been scrapping since I was in high school but when I entered college, I became passive on that hobby. I am also interested in photography, creating AVPs and reading books.

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marking said...

Thanks for joining the challenge Isah. I like the simplicity of your ATCs.