Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kaya 31 Winner

Happy holidays to everyone. We will be greeting the New Year in just a few hours and would like to close 2009 with the winner of Kaya 31. Thank you to Nina, Ching, Isah Mae, Cathy & Alby for being able to join the challenge and to Cabbie for being a good sport and submitting her ATC's inspite of being late. So even if there were just a few submissions, there was an abundance of inspiration and creativity.

To choose the winner I just wrote the names on strips of paper, folded them up and asked my granddaughter Sophia to pick one.

Congratulations Cathy!


Alby said...

Congrats Cathy!!!

Cathy Bautista said...

Thanks Marian! Thanks Alby~ :)

Lee i. said...

wow! swerte naman ni cathy, two prizes. you deserve them. congrats and happy new year!

Rizwan said...

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