Friday, January 30, 2009

A small, tiny ball

Nina says, KAYA!

I've been wanting to scrap this for a while. Thanks so much to Ching for the challenge and forcing me to put it down on a layout.


... served as God's reminder that life is tiny and precious and should never be taken for granted.

It was one of those nights when AR was away abroad on a business trip and I was busy scrapping and Matt was watching TV as per usual. Matt came into the room on the verge of tears. When I asked him what was wrong, he pointed to his nose. When I shone a flashlight inside his nostrils, I found this tiny ball he had been playing with and inhaled by accident...

I was on the verge of tears myself, feeling helpless, alone and a terrible mother for letting such a thing happen.

I had to keep my cool, quickly got dressed to go out and walk to the gate outside with Matt. My heart was beating in my ears and Matt was strangely quiet, obviously not in pain but so afraid I'd get mad at him, which I was, but mixed with pain and guilt.

A trip to the charity hospital behind the village proved futile so we got into a taxi bound for Medical Center ParaƱaque. Matt became a breath of fresh air and caused stunned disbelief mixed with smiles in the ER. Compared to the emergency cases they receive, this was probably an easy one to handle. A kindly grandmother looked on with quiet concern, even as she was a patient herself.

A pedia finally appeared and Matt burst into tears as he has always been terrified of doctors. As soon as he did, this teeny-tiny ball slid out of his nose. It was kinda awkward to explain to the doctor that there was no need to look at Matt anymore.

For P56.10, this was probably the cheapest, and most memorable, hospital bill I've ever paid. February 19, 2008.

Materials: cardstock - Bazzill; kit - April Going Postal Kit by Studio Azul; pen; small Ziplock bag; stapler; actual items in journaling - hospital bill, ball and coin for contrast.

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Candy said...

Very memorable indeed! I can empathize since seeing your own child in danger always makes my heart beat faster, but it feels like I'm dying slowly away. Haaaay, motherhood and its challenges.

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Hi Nina, Your LO brought me back in time when I was about 5. I inserted a piece of raw peanut in one of my nostrils and really push it up where no body can see it anymore. I kept it there for a day until my mom noticed that the other side of my nose was bigger than the other. I can now imagine what my mom and dad went through when I confessed my little secret. When the peanut was finally freed (also in a hospital), it was ready for planting! Cheers.

CHING said...

Hi Nina, That's really a memorable experience! Nice journaling Lo ! My hair was standing on end !!! Thanks for joining!


CraftFairy said...

Nina, what a hair-raising moment you captured here! Love how you presented that event on your LO! As I was reading your story, I was thinking, sana pinagalitan mo so he'll cry and his tears [which will flow down the tear ducts and into the nose] and mucus will wash out the ball. Sure enough... after a trip to the hospital it did happen, heheh! Don't you just love happy endings? I do!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Oh Nina what a very traumatic experience..yet it has a nice and funny twist at the end. My sister got plastic stuck on her nose also when we were young. And mom was so mad and worried back then. I can relate with this superb lo youve made.