Saturday, January 31, 2009


WOW!!! All the layouts submitted on this challenge were BEAUTIFUL !!! Thanks to everyone for playing along ! We enjoyed your creations !

And also thanks to everyone who made an effort, but weren’t able to play and to all who stopped by the site and left a comment. It really does mean a lot to all the participants to see that people took time to leave a note.

All you “PS “ members make this site so wonderful !!!

Now, Drum Roll …
Our four (4) Early Birds “catches the worms” - (Success comes to those who
prepare well and put forth an effort.)
are: Tessah, Rowee, Susie and Gracie. CONGRATULATIONS Girls !

Winner of the Major RAK is ...


And the Bonus RAK goes to ….


Those winning prizes, please send your mailing address to and I will make every effort to send your prize. Thank you!


Kellybellys said...

Ching, hats off to you for such a wonderful challenge. It has been an inspiration and a reminder to treasure our "inheritance."

Nina - you sure are winning everywhere - you are incredibly talented and so lucky too!

Janis congratulations to you as well. One thing we learned from you is that the early bird does catch the worm!

Congratulations to all!


MyLittleTeapot said...

congratulations to everyone!!!! Great LOs

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

wow!thanks PS,thanks Ching.Cant wait to see the next!

Candy said...

Congratulations, Nina and Janis! The effort and the outcome are all worth it! Galing!

marking said...

Wow congrats to Nina, Janis and all the early birds. Lovely LOs

Lianne said...

Congratulations to the winners of Kaya 21! Sana kahit sa kaya 211 kasama pa rin tayong lahat. :)

CHING said...

LOL!!! sana nga mga kapatid ! In 15 years KAYANG-KAYA-KAYA! parin natin! I'll be Senior Citizen in KAYA 211 ! Sana ma-KAYA ko pa! Hehehe!!!

CraftFairy said...

What a challenge! Thank you for sharing your layouts with us. They are all very pretty. Don't be surprised if you see I've scraplifted them [tee-hee-hee].

CraftFairy said...

(^o^) I was so excited about the scraplifting I forgot to congratulate everyone here at PS, especially Nina and Janis!

CONGRATULATIONS, ladies! Way to go!!!

the dreamer said...

Ching, you are such a generous soul. Thank you so much for the great challenge and the generous RAKs!

Wonderful layouts, everyone! =)


Lee i. said...

congrats everyone, early birds, winners, and those who were able to make yet another LO for their albums. i didn't make it, so i have a capital L on my forehead. for Lee...hehehe. special shoutout to janis. i know how much you want that Martha Stewart puncher. nakuha mo din! :-)

bjay said...

congrats, NINA & JANIS! and to all the kaya entrants, beautiful work!

CHING, sorry I wasn't able to make habol. I have the material, but it came too late kasi literally I unearthed pa this one. sa 12x12 ko ito gagawin - so thank you for the inspo.

once I'm done with this, I'll link you up so you can see it, promise :)

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Thank you so much Ching for inspiring us to do another LO for our albums. I had fun doing mine.

Congratulations to Nina and Janis.

See you all in KAYA 22!