Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kaya 22 - Stitch Me A Song

It’s February…and you know it! Love is in the air, love is everywhere…and this month’s challenge is all about that. So whatever or whoever your love may be, I challenge you to make a layout about your love and a song [you can combine up to 3 songs] associated to your love using the following requirements:

1) Type & Size - traditional 12x12 or 8.5x11
2) Title - use song title or a favorite phrase from the song(s) you choose
3) Journaling - use the entire song or part(s) of the song(s) you like best because it's/they're the most meaningful to you.
4) Please use a new layout specifically made for this challenge. After all, I’m sure your goal for this year is to make as many layouts as you can!
5) Use of stitches – hand or machine made [nope, no drawings or rub-ons, please] and must be a very visible part of the layout.
6) In your post, briefly describe why you chose that song/s. You may also want to add a link as to where we can listen for your song/s [some of us might not be familiar with the songs you choose].

I know the 5th one might be a killer because real stitching takes a LOT of time, but hey, look at it this way… if you finish one, you have in your possession a unique layout using the technique of stitching. Who knows, you might love it and make it your own style! Don’t fret, I, too, was challenged!

Since I am also a digital scrapper, I don't want digital scrapbookers to miss out on this one! Therefore, Digi-PS Members, I am also challenging you to join. Same requirements [except for the real stitches, of course, of course].

Deadline for this challenge is February 28, 2009 12:00 midnight Philippine Time. One lucky traditional and digital scrapbooker will be randomly picked by draw. Traditional scrapbooker will get these yummy scrapbooking items:

For the winner of the digital layout I am looking into purchasing a prize from one of my favorite digital on-line stores. Visit this part of the blog again for updates. Thank you.

You may submit as many LOs as you wish, although you will only be entered once (for each category) in the drawing.

O, ano? KAYA nyo ba? Sige nga... tingnan naming lahat kung KAYA ninyo...!


MyLittleTeapot said...

Love this challenge!

I'll surely join this one!

CHING said...

Wow! yummy prize! I will play for sure !

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

sounds challenging. I aM not good in hand!

CraftFairy said...

Thanks for your comments, Ladies. Tessah, you can do it! You won't know until you do! You don't have to make the stitches straight or match in size. You'll see that the shabbiness will add to the beauty of the LO.

bjay said...

yup, definitely a romantic challenge. now all I have to do is wait for feb 14, snap a pix and make a LO about it pronto!

thanks for the challenge, marissa :)

Chiqui said...

great challenge! this is in my "to do" list for the month.

leira said...

naku challenge talaga ito.. sige will do my best to join

Mia Castrillo said...

Sana naman magkaron ako ng swerte sa random pick. Hehehe! Thanks for the challenge! Have so many songs in mind.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I do designs stuff for digital scrapbooking. Im willing to sponsor the prize for this challenge. Contact me at

Mel said...

sana ako naman mabunot

jessicamae3 said...

TOTALLY LOVED YOUR CHALLENGE!!! Man was it a challenge too...lotsa sewing, hand doodling, and coloring in with prisma colors!
I totally love this song. It fit this picture of me in 1989. I was shown love by many...but too young to understand it, give it, or receive it.
Thanks again for such a lovely challenge!!
Here's my link on flickr

jessicamae3 said...

Sorry...I forgot to leave a link to the song...called the rose by bette midler

jessicamae3 said...

Shucks, I tried joining your group...but I didn't get approved in time...LOOK forward to your next challenge!