Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dunk In

Bjay says, KAYA!

My darling niece Tffee loves eating Dunkin' Donut munchkins so much! She would share some, alright. But please let her choose which flavors she's willing to let go. That's as good as saying she won't share even to her pleading kuya Ltrimm and ate Ltrell.

donut holes + tffee = happy!
summer 2008

Materials used:
cs: SEI, pps: scenice route, teresa collins, MLS, SEI; maya road alpha chipboards, acrylic paint, diamond glaze, staedler pen, buttons technique used:hand-cutting, paper tearing, doodling, painting

About ME:
I am in love with my three pamangkins but I am crazy about the youngest. she figures prominently in my scrapbook layouts and she's mighty proud of it! to know more about me, please visit my blog .


janu-jenn said...

Naku, ganyan din sister ko noong bata. Ayaw niyang kami ang pipili pag hihingi ng munchkins! Lagi niya binibigay yung mga filled donuts. =) Ang ganda nung "This makes me happy, this makes me smile" strips! Thanks for joining!

purplesea said...

hi bjay! love ko talaga ang works mo. especially so kc 8.5x11 size sya which is not so common.

Nita Ang said...

You are fast winning me over dyan sa 8.5x11 LOs mo ha. Konti na lang, bibigay na din ako at sasama na sa kulto mo. Hahaha!

Also, with an impish face like your pamangkin's, I can imagine why you are crazy about her. So much personality in such a little face :D

Anonymous said...

hey, jenn!
thanks for the challenge. aren't all munchkin monsters like that? :)

hi, raissa!
thanks, ha. kinikilig ako pag ganyan :)

hey, nitz!
halika na, shift ka na! yeah, love my girl tffee :)

cabbie lopez said...

love the fun layout here!!!cool!

Lee i. said...

Parang ang saysa saya naman kumain ng donuts! kids, ayaw ng munchkins. Gusto nila, the BIG ones. hehehe. Love those circles and those two strips with the journaling. Pagaya ng strips ha.