Sunday, June 1, 2008

KAYA 14 - The Flavors of Summer

It has been said that Filipinos love to eat. I, for one can attest to that, but I cannot agree to this unless I have some proofs. This month's challenge is all about food... summer foods, that is. Well, it's already June, and I am sure all of us have our own share of summer outings and getaways, so this challenge isn't really that hard to do. Yup, let's ease out a bit on the challenge, and let's all get funky!

For this challenge, you have to scrap a photo with food on it, and it has to be taken during summertime of any particular year - you can even scrap a picture of your ancestors while eating, if you have a picture of that. But while the challenge is about food, it doesn't really have to be 100% focused on the food. Let's say you attended a wedding last month and you want to scrap a picture taken with the couple as they feed each other their wedding cake - you don't really have to talk about the cake eating (if that's what you want); you can do a serious journal about what the cake eating symbolizes in your own opinion. Also, let it be known that the challenge isn't just about ice cream, halo-halo, or watermelon. You can also scrap about your recent food trip, or your favorite recipe -- the options are endless, provided all the pictures in the layout has to be taken on summertime.

You can submit layouts in any format (traditional, digital, or hybid), shapes, and sizes. You can scraplift or use a sketch, and you can submit as much entries as you want, but of course, your name will be put in the raffle just once. =) One basic requirement though, you have to include the date when the picture was taken.

Deadline for submission would be on June 29, 11:59PM. Happy scrapping!


CraftFairy said...

Jenn, mah friend, can you change the time period? March till May is Spring from where I am. Spring ends June 21st. Our Summer is just about to begin. We really do have lots of Summer outings here - Tarlaquenos Picnic, Taste of Chicago, German Fest, etc. every village also have their "Taste of...", the biggest one of all is the celebration of my birthday -
4th of July!!! hehehe. Actually it is July 5th [in the Philippines, which is July 4th here].

janu-jenn said...

Ay oo nga pala! I didn't think about that... pft! Sorry Manang Marissa... I will edit it! Summer in the US is June til September, right?

janu-jenn said...
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CraftFairy said...

Thanks, Jenn!