Monday, June 30, 2008

KAYA 14 Winners

First up, thank you so much to all those who joined. The time and effort you exerted in the layouts are truly something to applaud.

Last April, Lee asked her daughters to draw out the names, and last month, Nina let her husband draw out the winners. I wanted to be different, so I sought the help of my good friend Stephen in naming the winners for this month's challenge.

Before asking for his help, I wrote all the names of the participants. Starting with the newest entries, the list goes: Traditional - 1. Lee 2. Me-Ann 3. Nita 4. Tin and 5. Michelle. For Digital - 1. Raissa 2. Diane 3. Joyleen and 4. Zabeth. For winning the past two challenges, Marian, Marissa, and Bjay weren't included in the raffle.

Here's a screenshot of my chat with Stephen:

Allow me now to congratulate - Tin for winning the Traditional Layout of the Month and Diane for winning the Digital Layout of the Month!

You girls win these yummy goodies courtesy of another great scrapbooker, Zabeth! Please coordinate with her regarding your prizes. Thank you so much, Zabeth for sponsoring this month's challenge.

Thanks again to all those who joined.


diane said...

Wow I won!!!!

Thanks Jen for this wonderful challenge!


Congrats to Tin also.

Anonymous said...

yay for the winners TIN & DIANE! pa-burger naman kayo! burger... burger... burger... :)

Lee i. said...

Congratulations Tin and Diane, and thank you Jenn for this challenge and many thanksZabeth for the yummy RAK goodies.