Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Popsicle Kids

Marissa says, KAYA!
Summer from where I am is from June 21 to August 20. There are the sure signs of Summer - ivy winding its way up the pergola, flowers swaying in the cool breeze, mosquitoes, fruit flies, and bees abound, kids on bikes, shorts pants, short-sleeved shirts, and flip flops... We haven't had a chance to celebrate summer with food yet so I used old pictures of (L-R) Christina, Stephanie, & Monica in order to meet this month's deadline. There's always ice cream in the fridge, but one bought from the ice cream man is an entirely different treat!
Journaling Reads:
Summer's not complete without shirts & shorts and the Popsicle Trio.

Materials Used:
Lollipop Designs [LPD] - Beez & Bloomz & Bugz ivy, flowers, bee, alpha;
Font - freestyle script
ByGod'sDesign - Popsicle Paradise background paper, popsicles & people sticks
Program Used - Photoshop CS
Techniques Used:
Re-sizing, free forming, adding shadows; duplicating some elements, re-colored the kids skirts from pink to purple, yellow, and red; re-colored some of the flowers; the original alphabet set is made of just a black outline. I filled the interior with green to make it stand out.
About me:

I have leaned towards digital scrapbooking mainly because of ease. I make albums of traditional pages that I give away as gifts, but in all honesty, not at all as intricate and 3D as the pages made by PS members.
I am a recovering scrapbook paper collector.... (^.^). There is hope for me yet. I have learned to let go of my stash. A little bit at a time, I've given papers away to nieces in the Philippines so they, too, can experience the joy of scrapbooking.


janu-jenn said...

Hi Manang Marissa! Christina is your daughter, di ba? Ang bata pa niya dito, hehehe! A great look at the past.

Nita Ang said...

Everytime I see a beautiful digital layout like this, I wonder if I can do it. Medyo techno-challenged kasi ako - sigh. Di bale, I can still appreciate your works naman kahit di ko sya kayang gawin - hehehe.

the dreamer said...

Aww, how cute is this! Love the topic, the photos and the execution. =)


zabeth said...

Hi, It's look very pretty. I thought it is traditional mali pala ako. Ang ganda as in paturo naman ng technique mo how did you do it. The title and the flowers pop up super great style.

[AKA] CraftFairy said...

Jenn, kung meron lang bang pics ang aking ancestors yun gagamitin ko, eh. TY for the challenge.
Nita, feeling is mutual. sigh din ako sa mga LOs mo [gaganda..sigh].
Nina, nag-iisip pa ako how to use the stamp prizes I got for KAYA 13. TY for your generosity.
Zabeth, watch out for tutorials in my blogs. I've got a few simple ones, but response to your quest here is coming soon.

Me-anne's Nook said...

Ms. Marisa, galing talaga ng digitial layout mo, the leaves looks like real and the kids they are so lovely...galing nang pagcapture ng moment na ito while their enjoy their popsicles. TFS!

cabbie lopez said...

love the doodle like figure on the lower right.. the colors is so summery too!

Lee i. said...

Pareho tayong popsicle ang nasa photos. Love those flowers and leaves at ang cute nila sa photos.

CaysCreation said...

Miss those popsicle!