Sunday, June 29, 2008

Halo Halo atbp.

Marian says, KAYA!

We went to the beach for a final summer outing. I'm not really a beach person but just wanted Sophia to experience the sand and the waves. When we arrived, our rooms weren't ready yet so we all enjoyed a cool snack under the coconut trees. I had the halo halo.

Materials Used:
Papers from LivE designs Naturally Free kit Breathe and Lea papers (website downloaded from Jessica
Brushes from floralbrushes by solenero73 and jakandara by elbereth de lioncour both downloaded from
Font for the title Asman downloaded from

Random thoughts...
One of my favorite summertime treats is halo halo
Camille prefers mais con yelo
Kathleen likes saba con yelo
At this point Sophia likes all of the above
We all like the icy watered down milk at the bottom of the glass
Marian at Montemar, June 8, 2008

About ME:
I have always loved doing arts and crafts. I used to make macrame belts, paper mache, hair accessories, cross stitch, candles, beaded accessories and Christmas decor. My current favorites are card making, stamping and scrapbooking. I think these 3 are intertwined with each other. I do believe these will be lifelong hobbies as there will always be friends to get in touch with, pictures to document and stories to tell. I am learning to use Photoshop Elements by reading on-line tips and tutorials and trying to do what I read. I hope to become a good photographer through the classes I just started recently.


janu-jenn said...

I love the journaling! Ang cute! Thanks for joining, Ms. Marian!

zabeth said...

Love the halo-halo.I also loved the colors you used so clean perfect as in.

Nita Ang said...

Sarap ng ngiti nyo ah :D Parang gusto ko tuloy agawin yang hawak nyo - hehehe. I looovvvee the color combo, cool sya pero definitely summer pa rin ang dating. Laking gulat ko nga nung malaman kong digi-LO ito. I thought, Ma'am Marian does digi as well? What can this lady not do?! Sobra na yan ha!

marking said...

Hi Jenn, that was a fun challenge!

Hi Zabeth, thanks for the comments!

Hi Nita, trying hard with the digi.


cabbie lopez said...

love the clean feel of the layout! i can feel the sarap of your halohalo!

Lee i. said...

This is digi? Wow! Kita talaga style mo mapa-digi ot traditional. Love the colors and I the journaling. Nice how this LO looks like it's about you but it's really about your whole family's favorites. Cool!

marking said...

Thanks Cabbie and Lee for your comments.