Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jhaymie Turns 1

Arnie says, KAYA!

I have been a member of PS and SE for over a year now, I think, and this is my very first time to submit an entry to Kaya. Though I have not been very much active in the EBs and challenges, I manage to keep myself posted with the members’ blogs, marveling at their works of art, and rejoicing in their triumphs and winnings. For my entry, I chose to submit a digital layout of me and my hubby when we attended my inaanak’s 1st birthday party.

It is just so amazing how time flies by so fast. Who would have thought that it’s been a year since my godchild Jhaymie was born. All I wish for her is good health and joy being wrapped in the care and guidance of Mommy Grace, Daddy Jhun, and Kuya Jhames.

Materials Used/Credits:
Wimpy Chompers Creations She’s Beautiful elements, Fashion Colors papers, Amande Geils Designs No Sugar Added paper, Fab Pink alphas, MM Precious alphas, NBK Mille Fleur journal note, Cheddar Salad font; Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe version 4.0

About ME:
I am Laarni "Arnie" Pedrosa Uy from Taguig City. I am a pathologist by profession and blessed with my better half, Edison. I got into scrapbooking when my younger sister gave me my first scrapbook as a birthday gift in 2002, and since then I got hooked. I couldn't say that I have a style of my own, but I always turn out happy and fulfilled in whatever the result my eclectic whim comes up with. It has been a year now since I got into digital scrapbooking. And although I am no expert at this, it has helped me in so many delightful ways to cope up with my incessantly hectic and crazy schedule.


Benga said...

Hi Arnie! Cute LO! Thanks for joining!

cabbie lopez said...

hello! love the cupcakes!!!! so colorful and yummy.hope to meet you one day. tc.

bjay said...

cute LO, arnie! love the cupcakes :)

Me-anne's Nook said...

love the cupcakes and your layout as well...congrats.

salme said...

Love the cupcakes! Very yummy lo *wink*