Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hard to Hold

Lee says, KAYA!

I must admit Mia's challenge had me stumped for a few weeks because I really didn't have the "hots" for anybody aside from my DH (just in case he is reading this) right now. But when I was a hot-blooded teenager, I sure had the hots for many singers/actors. And at the risk of revealing my age, I decided to scrap someone I idolized in the 80s. This decision also helped me make a small dent on my "need to scrap" photos. I'm glad I kept that cutout photo of dear Rick, too. Yup, it's the same photo on my red memo board (see bottom photo) when I was a freshman. (I wonder where my posters went?)

In college, I had a major crush on Rick Springfield. I had his posters plastered on my dorm walls. I cut out his pictures from Jingle Song Hits. He watched over me as I studied and slept. I played his cassette tape out louad until my dorm mates complained. I even rented his movie "Hard to Hold" and saw it over and over on my cousin Benjo's betamax. He was so handsome and sexy and when he sings "Jessie's Girl" with fire and passion, I wished I was going out with a boy named Jessie.

Materials Used:
PPS - DCWV (Retro and Glitter packs); Glitter - Stickles; Paint - MM Glitter Glaze; Diecut - Cuttlebug; Pen - Uniball Signo; Adhesives - UHU glue.

About ME:
I've been scrapping since mid-2006, and I'm hoping to scrap my photos in shoeboxes before I turn any older. When I decided to scrap about Rick Springfield a.ka. Dr. Noah Drake in General Hospital, the first thing I did was to check if he was still alive. LOL. He is still, sexy as ever and is currently touring. Maybe if he ever performs in Manila, I will watch him. Too bad my husband's name is not Jessie. Hehe.


Rachelle said...

Hi! Lee di ko kinaya ang pagkafanatic mo kay Rick S. at take on pix.beside the poster pa Ha! Galing naman at naitago mo pa ang pix. mo na yan. Goodluck girl.

zabeth said...
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zabeth said...

Lee, fun page you have. Great Lo as always.

marjorie said...

well, i had to enlarge your layout! to see every detail of your photos! lol! hands up, your rick s. feelings run deep! lol!

CraftFairy said...

Naks! Gleng-gleng! You were able to incorporate your pics with your idol's pics.

symbelly said...

Wow, so thats what you look like before. Really cute girl.