Saturday, March 29, 2008

Josh Hartnett

Jill says, KAYA!

I first noticed Josh in the movie Wicker Park. He seems quiet, appealing, centered and intelligent. ( I prefer quiet guys than noisy ones...a bit mysterious.) He also has a great style which i believe is captivating. This star certainly SHINES !

He’s georgeous, charming, oozing with sex appealing, hell of a guy !

Materials used:
- Three Girls And A Mom Glitter by Johannal
- Submarine Alphas by Cintia Scrap
- Adobe Photoshop 7
- fonts: TW Cen MT Condensrd Bold,Staccato222BT

Techniques used:
-color overlaying the alphas
-drop shadows
-blending/adjusting opacity

About me:
I'm Jill. A nurse and a teacher. I'm happily married to Jerry. We have two kids namely Jadrian and Jannica. I do all sorts of craft from crochetting to doll-making to scrapbooking. I'm been scrapping since 2002 (The year I had my first born. )At first I thought scrapbooking was just a "hobby". I thought of it as nothing more than a way to post and decorate a book of pictures. However, as I began to scrapbook more and more, I realized there is a depth to this hobby that it totally changed and inspired my life. I began to seek out papers, embellishments and different styles and I journal to tell an interesting story...thus, leaving a legacy of tales...Scrapbooking is all about memories and leaving something for your family and friends to remember you by.


Donna Espiritu said...

another cute guy... love your lo! great job!

Lee i. said...

love all the stars in your LO

zabeth said...

Wow so cute ng colors loved the layout.

marjorie said...

great boylet page! and josh is a perfect example of a clean cut guy...looks a very deep person!

CraftFairy said...

Hey Jill, you made it!
Love the stars and how the name is echoed all over the LO! Great job!