Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Idol Seacrest

Jill says, KAYA!

Sorry for the last minute post. Ryan's bike got stuck. Haha. Kidding aside, I decided to choose SEACREST for this traditional layout because I consider him as one of my idols. He does not only posses the good looks but he is also smart and witty !

Materials Used:
- American Crafts The Color Of Memories ( a la Carte Baguette)
- glitter star sticker
- glitter heart sticker
- glitter musical otes sticker
- glitter diamond stickers
- toy motorcycle ( for a more masculine look)
- acrylic paint

- fonts: Arial Narrow

Techniques Used:
-ink edges

About ME:
I'm Jill. A nurse and a teacher. I'm happily married to Jerry. We have two kids namely Jadrian and Jannica. I do all sorts of craft from crochetting to doll-making to scrapbooking. I'm been scrapping since 2002 (The year I had my first born. )At first I thought scrapbooking was just a "hobby". I thought of it as nothing more than a way to post and decorate a book of pictures. However, as I began to scrapbook more and more, I realized there is a depth to this hobby that it totally changed and inspired my life. I began to seek out papers, embellishments and different styles and I journal to tell an interesting story...thus, leaving a legacy of tales...Scrapbooking is all about memories and leaving something for your family and friends to remember you by.

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CraftFairy said...

Great one, Jill! Love the little metal embellishments in the corner!