Saturday, March 29, 2008


CH says, KAYA!

I may have a lot of celebrity crushes but only one guy has been #1 ever since -- Prince William. Too bad there's news that he might get married next year! I super admire him, not only for his looks (that's a big factor though haha!) but also for his heart, how he is trying to continue what his mother, Princess Diana started.

He just seems so real and grounded and maybe trying to be normal (although he never will be). Sayang, imagine, yung girlfriend niya, classmate lang niya sa college. CLASSMATE! Wala lang. Maybe if I went to St. Andrews and just so happened to be seatmates with him I'd be somewhere else now..

Joke! :) A girl can dream!

Thanks for this challenge Mia! I finally got to do a page about Wills :)

Prince William. Where do I even begin.

What I like most about Prince William is how much he reminds me (and maybe everyone) of Princess Diana -- how he reflects her compassion for the poor, his charisma, and I might say, he did inherit her good looks! I also love the fact that he seems so real -- on his 21st birthday, he requested that people call him "just William" instead of using all the big fancy titles. He still sports that college boy look -- tall, nice shoulders and a smile to die for (nevermind the fact
that he's getting bald!)

People are giving up on you Wills, what with your possible marriage this year and your receeding hairline! They can say what they want to say -- even when you get old and become King (and probably begin to look more like Prince Charles in the process), I'll still be fangirling over your paparazzi shots!!

Materials used:
Glitter CS - Cintia Scrap (
Bling - Brandy O'Neal (
Swirl - Petja24 (
Patterned paper - CK KOTM 1 by Ali Edwards
Font - Myriad Pro, Machine Script

About me:
CH is currently finishing up work and will soon be unemployed! I'm going to be enrolling in a magazine design diploma course in hopes of getting into the magazine industry because it's really what I've been wanting to do. I love scrapbooking mainly because it's a mixture of all the things I love the most -- photography, paper and history. Sometimes I see layouts in my head, but usually a great photo or a funny memory inspires me to scrap. My scrap table is STILL my bedroom floor, but I'm trying to find ways to reorganize my space (scraproom!). I'm over at


Donna Espiritu said...

sosyal tlaga ikaw ineng hehehe love your lo!! cute! bagay kau CH! :D

Lee i. said...

CH, you're so funny. Hahaha. Love the clean lines of your LO.

zabeth said...

Yup bagay sila Dona, actually crush ko rin sya hehe. Hala kinikilig ako. Great LO CH loved everything.

Btw, Have you received my email about the Sizzix die.

marjorie said...

really like this...the colors, the elements, simple yet may dating...and naku, bilib ako sa taste mo! d kaya ng powers ko! and yes, he reminds me of princess di too! whom i loved!

CraftFairy said...

Ah, yes! Love the formality of this LO. befitting a prince!