Sunday, March 2, 2008

Super Hero

Marissa says, KAYA!

As soon as I saw Mia's challenge, I knew right away what to do. If cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, then Tom Welling is the glittering cutie in my eyes. I couldn't wait to get my LO done as I know two other PS members who are so into Tom. So I look forward to seeing at least two more Tom Welling LOs in this challenge.


You're so darn cute! Those piercing baby blues are to "sigh" for.
I think you make my husband jealous. I love it when he's jealous!


Nothing much...just layering and re-sizing, drop shadows, some embossing and extraction.

Materials used:

Kim Christensen: journaling stamp from Prima's Be Beautiful kit; butterfly from Prima Hybrid's First Blush; Diane Rigdon: ribbon with flowers from Prima Hybrid's Firsts; Meredith Fenwick: crisscross from Prima Hybrid's First Blush; Trish Jones - glitzstar and glitzswirl from Prima Hybrid's Firsts; Doris Castle: swirly brown bag background paper from Prima's Dreamsicle kit; Monica69: glitter circles; Graphic Jam Designs: blue bling on the butterfly, blue, green, & orange FairyLights [used in the center of the Prima flowers].

About ME: I know what good-looking is, but I seldom swoon over a good-looking movie star. I didn't go through a phase where I had to buy magazines and cut out articles of good-looking people. It just happened when I was older and married. I am a Superman/Clark Kent fan. When Christopher Reeves starred as Superman, I had the biggest crush on him; and now, Tom Welling. Our "crush-affair" started the first time I saw him in the very first episode of Smallville. I have a complete collection of this series and a poster in my kalat room! I confess I still watch re-runs and smile everytime Clark and Lana would stare into each others' eyes. Only to be jerked back to reality when my husband goes, "hoy, pangiti-ngiti ka pa dyan!" I think it is the hair that swooped down their foreheads that attracted me to both guys; and the eyes, those piercing eyes! and chiseled cheekbones [sigh].


Candy said...

Handsome is really the word for both your LO and your Tom Welling! Knee-melting handsome!

Au Lim said...

hi Marissa! kung hindi pa ako yung isa sa dalawang PS members na baliw kay Tom Welling, add me to the list! hahaha! love that LO!

Khei de Dios said...

hi marissa. I love this layout. I'm so in love with Tom Welling he's my ultimate hottie! I know si Au yung isa... you might be surprised to see 3 more Tom Welling layouts!

Roxannee said...

I like the glittery swirls!!! And Tom is really hot!

CraftFairy said...

uh-oh! dami pala akong karibal! heheh. More Tom LOs, pls. Pipili ako for my screen saver! Thanks, drooling ladies, haha! Dapat pala ang title ko, KILIG TO THE BONES

marjorie said...

tita, kakaloka ang layout mo! hahaha...i love how u used the photo with his piercing eyes!!! pwede b i-ban ang mga hubby from looking at the site for this month's challenge?lol!

Donna Espiritu said...

ang gwapo ate marissa... sobrang kakalag-lag...Pan--, bahala ka na magfill out ng letters hahaha

love all the blingness of this layout, star quality tlaga hehehe

C70 said...

your page rocks, Marissa!! lovin' the bling treatment!

Nita Ang said...

Isa ka pa Manang Marissa, magsama kayo ni Marix. Nagkakanda pulupot na ako sa pag-abot ng paa ko sa noo ko para lang makasaludo sa gawa nyo. Ang gagaling! Just so you know, I am having a panic attack na - ayaw ko na ata sumali. WWaaaaahhhh. LOL! Really love your entry.

Jules said...

marissa, LOL. Yu ladies are too cute:-) OK, count me in:-)


CraftFairy said...

Yeyyy! Tom fan club!
Donna.. makalaglag PANga? hehehe. Baka matriple x ang ating mga comments. Nita and Au kayong 2 ang alam kong naloloko rin ke TW. Nita sali na. gusto kong makita ang kapogihan ni TW on another LO.

TY sa mga comments. You're all funny!

zabeth said...

Hi Marissa,

Loved your layout as always galing mo talaga digital or traditional super! Superman is one of favorite too.

Au Lim said...

being a fan of this Smallville star myself, a Tom Welling LO is an instant hit for me! and those digital blingaroos are making me think of how i can do them on a traditional! nice!

Lee i. said...

ganda ng mata, i am not a big fan pero ganda ng LO na ito. loving all thse swirly blings. but i am a big fan of yours. :-)