Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kaya! 11

Hello Ladies!

Mia here. This March it's my turn to give you your Kaya challenge. Thanks to Lee for inviting me to do this.

Anyways, here goes. For anyone who knows me and knows my style very well knows that I am the queen of bling! I just love the look of something sparkly! So pretty much anything that sparkles of shines is amazing in my book. So this month I'd like to challenge you to BLING IT ON!!! There are so many different kinds of bling that can be found in the market today. They range from the type you can find in Divisoria to the real Swarovski kind, glitter glue/Stickles, glitter, Bazzill Bling cardstock, digi bling and so much more. So here's my challenge to all of you fine ladies:

1) Create a page using at least 3 types of bling! (You can use glitter and glitter glue and I will count that already as 2 types of bling. As well as round blings are going to be considered different from bling flowers. Just go crazy!)
2) You can do either a 12x12, 8.5x11, or a 6x12 page.
3) To shake things up a bit, the subject of the page needs to be your Hollywood/entertainment crush/idol. Be it a Hollywood star, a musician, it doesn't matter. The person just has to be famous and part of the entertainment field. The said person can be living or dead as long as it fits the requirements and the page must have a picture of the said person as well. Extremely fitting since Hollywood just awarded the Oscars a few days ago.
4) Your journaling must explain why this person is your idol/crush.
5) Entries may be either traditional or digital.

Hope you all have fun with this challenge as I have! Can't wait to see all your pages! Enjoy! And remember, it's time to BLING IT ON!

-Mia :)


teys said...

hello mia, puede ba pinoy star he he he :)

Mia said...

Hi Teys!

As long as the star is in the entertainment industry ibig sabihin actor or muscian etc. Also the page must have his/her picture on it.

Kaje said...

hi mia!

nice challenge :) mapapaisip ako neto hehe

C70 said...

oh hohoho, Mia girl!!! Quite a challenge indeed!!! :o

C70 said...
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C70 said...
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CraftFairy said...

Mia, great one! I've always wanted to make LOs of my favorites. Thanks for opening the opportunity for me. (^.^)