Saturday, May 31, 2008

KAYA 13 Winners

I had no idea how difficult KAYA 13 would be until everyone started complaining of how hard it was going to be to execute a layout. I still insist that it wasn't my fault and someone else's fault on why the topic had to be this challenging. But then again, KAYA has never been about taking the easy way out and has always been about rising up to challenges.

A couple of brave souls took up the challenge and bared their courage, honesty and determination in facing their own personal challenges.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who submitted an entry. I wish I could give each of you a prize but please know that, in my book, you all deserve medals of valor for facing your personal challenges head-on.

I asked my husband to draw the Traditional and Digital Pick of the Crop Winners of KAYA 13 because I was too nervous to draw them myself. (If I gave the paper stubs to my four-year-old, he might have had other ideas on what to do with them.)

Without further ado, I'd like to congratulate...

MARISSA... as our KAYA 13 Digital Layout Pick of the Crop Winner!

And BJAY... as our KAYA 13 Traditional Layout Pick of the Crop Winner!

Kindly send me your postal address at as I will be sending each of you a special prize from Queen Kat Designs!

Thanks again for everyone who joined KAYA 13. I wish you all the best of luck and my sincerest prayers in life, love and whatever will come in the future. It's all thanks to God that we survive day in and day out in a world that is full of trials and triumphs. No matter how big or small our worries are, we just need to have an extra dose of faith to get through any of them.


Lee i. said...

Congrats Manang Marissa and Bjay! Loved both your responses to the challenge and respect fully your challenges. (Manang, pahiram muna nung prize mo kung hindi ma-shop agad sa yo ni Nina, hehehe.)

jeanie nieva said...

congrats marissa and bjay!thanks to nina for this challenge. even if i didn't join, reading the stories of other ladies and how they overcome them is very inspiring. :)

CraftFairy said...

I won?! I WON!!! Thank you Nina's husband for your magnetic personality [na-magnet ang pangalan ko sa kamay mo, hehe]; thank you, Nina for the challenge and your generosity. Wala pa akong Queen Kat [don't even know if I've seen one]. I was going to donate it na lang sana to a next KAYA challenge. But if you like it, Lee [and I hope Nina doesn't mind that I'm giving my prize away], you have to trade it with something nice from your stash to put into the KAYA prize bin. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

wow, thank you very much! congrats, manang marissa! ang husay ng DH ni nina, na-magnet tayo :)

wala pa din ako QK!

this is a fun challenge. sa uulitin!