Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fast Track Winner

Thank you very much to everyone who raced to be among the first five senders of their layouts. Based on the time of posting in the blog and sending in their entries through e-mail, the top five are:

Ching (1)
Jill (2)
Marian (3)
Jeanie (4)
LG (5)

Early this morning Bjay used random integer and drew the winner. Drum roll, Please....

Congratulations to
#2 - Jill Santos!
We will e-mail you so we can coordinate about your prize.

Now, let's have another race to finish layouts before April 29 to be eligible for Bjay's RAK drawing.


bjay said...

WOOT! congrats, jill!

PM me @ hoof_hunter@yahoo.com so I can send your RAK pronto :)

Alby said...

Waah!!! Hindi ako umabot! Hehe.

Congrats Jill!