Saturday, April 4, 2009


Ching says, KAYA !

I have tons of rubber and acrylic stamps that I accumulated over the years of scrapbooking, but Bjay's rules for this challenge prohibited their use. I've tried to stamp my palm, thumb and even elbow! but, they didn't look good. While brushing my teeth the other morning, I felt that the grip design on my toothbrush might be good for stamping. EUREKA ! I got it !!! Here's the outcome ...

Sometimes it's hard to resist eating everything in sight in a buffet restaurant, especially if you're on a diet. you have to watch out or you'll pile your plate up high from appetizers to desserts !

Materials used: Prima pattern paper; Sasha Paper Collection/The breathe paper collection, DCWV cardstocks, Fiskars "Elegance" border punch, Provocraft decorative scissors, Colorbok chipboard/die-cut letters, Ranger Archival sepia ink, Color Box classic pigment ink, Ribbons, Scotch double sided tape/glue stick, Looney Toons rubber stamp, Toothbrush handle, Moving eyeball sticker.

Techniques: Non-Stamp - Toothbrush grip handle. I stamped it several times on the left side of the page to form flower-like designs.

Rubber Stamp - Looney Toons wood rubber stamps. I stamped it on a piece of paper, cut it out and glued moving eyeballs.

Slicing photo - I diagonally sliced the three corners of the photo, using decorative scissors to add design and dimension.

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bjay said...

my gosh ate ching, this is fantastic! who would've thought a toothburush grip can do these funky 70's flowers?! galeng :)

thanks for taking a shot at this :)

marking said...

Wow lovely flowers! Great idea.

Candy said...

Great idea, Ching! Mukhang pp!!! Ganda!

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Galing Ching! Looks like a real patterned paper. You can sell this design!!!

Rowee said...

WEll done Mommy Ching!!! Para nga syang PP. hehehe!!!


aileen said...

This is super cool! Thanks for sharing! :-)

CHING said...

Thank you so much ladies !
Mei Ann, that's a good idea ah!
Sige PATENT na yan ha? nong trademark? "Chingkichingching" !

barbie said...

That's such a novel use of a toothbrush! Ang ganda-ganda, as if it was made that way na talaga. Way to go, Ching!

Roxannee said...

Ms. Ching ang galing naman!! I thought we can only use the tooth brush for crafts as a cleaner (when it's old) or use the bristles as sprinkling medium!!! This is great!

judy said...

Cool! what a great idea! it turned out beautiful. love the flowers

Benga said...

Gosh. I almost missed this post, great idea on the toothbrush, I really thought it's a designer paper, very creative!

CraftFairy said...

Who would have thunk?! Only Ching! You always have something up your sleeves. Great idea!