Thursday, September 27, 2007


Marissa says, KAYA!

From almost a “bald” baby, cradled in the fold of my arms, to a toddler who followed me around like a shadow, to a headstrung teen who knows what she wants and goes for it, you’ve grown too fast before my eyes. I shouldn’t have dared blink!

Supplies Used:
Petal shapes cut from DCVW summer stack; edges of petals inked with Cotton Candy Pink pigment ink by Scrappy Cat; BLOOM ready-cut alpha by ProvoCraft; alpha beads; glass beads; flower beads from Craftfing Expressions; yellow and blue cardstock; Skippy DoDa distressed stamp by Lauren Grier; Pentel silver/pink outline marker Scotch quick-dry adhesive; Font: ITC Franklin Gothic; craft foam pieces

Technique used:
Made a petal pattern and traced on seven different scraps of paper; used pink pigment ink to define the edges of each petal; hand sewn most of the flower beads on the petals using glass beads in the center of the flower beads; glued each petal layering each one on top of the other in a circle; used craft foam adhered at the back of the word "Bloom" which is arranged in a way depicting the stem of the flower; glued alpha beads below the "stem"; defined the edges of the petals with dots using Pentel outline marker.

About ME:
Mother to a teen who is everything I've wanted to be when I was her age, experiencing a lot of good opportunities more than I have in my life time, such as the opportunity to go to school and not worry about where the next school supplies and pocket money will come from; the opportunity to travel out of the town where she lives at any given moment; the opportunity to drive a car at the age of 16; go to the movies and shop with her friends almost every weekend, have access to modern technology and still gets bored because "there is nothing to do!" Boy! she has it so good she doesn't even know it!

Thank you for looking.


Lee i. said...

Hey Manang, great idea about the petals from PPS. And I like those swirls. Is that a stamo? Ganda. Kung di lang masyadon uniform, I'd think doodles.

marjorie said...

great idea on how to use those patterned papers! really nice!

C70 said...

I love how you used the different papers to make flower petals! What a cutie!

Me-anne's Nook said...

I love everything you did here Ms. Marissa, with all the swirls and petals galing galing. Your daughter should be proud of you, hmm and tell she's pretty too.