Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ten Years After

Lee says, Kaya!

Acckkkk...Is it the 27th already? I thought I had enough time to make something special for DH as an anniversary present. Woke up this morning to a sweet kiss and I'm like OMG! I forgot to get him a present. So this afternoon, while waiting for the KiDS to come home from school, I made him this. I hope he buys it when I tell him I sweated over it. :-) And most importantly, I hope he likes it.

On photo: How do I love thee, let me count the ways.
On tag: truly...madly...deeply...

Supplies Used:
Rhonna Farrer Free Love papers, frame; Ronee Parsons Sand in the City striped paper; J. Crowley Spring Chicken corner adorner and pink buttons; Lauren Reid swirl paper; Misty Cato tag; Kim Hill stamp; Leah Riordan flower; K. Schmidt green button.

The photo was taken by my nine-year old son Diego, and it was a bit blurred so I edited it in Photoshop for a dreamy look. Still using Photoshop CS, I cut and layered the elements from the different digital kits.

About ME:
Married 10 years to a visual artist, with three children. Slowly gaining confidence in scrapbooking especially after survived the Scrappin Moms' Idol challenge. I hope I survive the finals unscathed, too. I like digital scrapbooking because it's quick and easy and free, but I still prefer traditional scrapbooking for the texture, colors and dimension.


Joyleen Dianne Co Lim said...

Lee!! ANG GANDA!! I love the blending of the colors you used. And the hearts ang DAMI, talagang... TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY...mwah

CraftFairy said...

Digital?! I thought it is traditional! It looks like one. I even wondered why you submitted 2. Galing talaga! Happy anniversary. Why is it that the wives get the physical gifts and the husbands get cards [or in this case, an LO]? tee-hee. Great job!

marjorie said...

love this lee!!! all the colors match..even the color of your shirts!!! ang sarap tingnan! very cool!!! happy anniversary!!!

C70 said...

YUP! I thought it looked traditional, too! I love the color combo you chose for this page, and how the browns offset the pinks to not make this page feminine-looking, KWIM? :) Did Toym buy your story?

Me-anne's Nook said...

i love the color combi you did. great job, lee. i didnt know the brown works well with the pink until i saw your LO galing! congrats po.