Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Time to Relax

Joy says Kaya!

Layering is one of my favorites when doing digital layouts. When I saw this challenge, I got excited to do it as soon as I can. I finished this LO in a flash less than an hour to be exact. Layering 10 digital papers is easier compared to the traditional one. No mess and the sheet of papers are cut uniformly.

Finally... I was able to convinced Erwin to have a weekend break, we grabbed the long weekend to drove all the way ro Catalagan, Batangas to relax ourselves. The climate was colder as compare to the hot and sunny weather of Manila. We can breathe normally with the fresh air that we can feel. The place was so cozy, relaxing enough to relief stress and tensions. We both agreed to left our own GADGETS to have quality time for each other. Thank you Erwin for leaving his TOYS for me. At Batangas, we were able to relax and feel the comfort of one another. My heart was filled with joy and laughters to the stories and moments we shared that will last a lifetime.

Inspirations Kit by Summer Driggs
Overlay Brushes

Mat the photos
Rotate and flip the flower doodle

About Me:
I'm Joyleen Dianne Co Lim, 30 years old, a wife to a VERY supportive hubby, Erwin. I can still recall, when my family goes on vacation, I was the one who will put all the pictures in our magnetic photo album. Use cut outs magazines, and brochures and wrappers to decorate very single page. The term Acid free wasn't that known that time. Until 2002, then I got married, I started scrapbooking. My first project was my wedding album. My sister and I helped one other to finish the entire album then I stopped due to low supply. Until one day, someone invited me to join PINOY SCRAPBOOKERS and SCRAPBOOK EXCHANGE, BOOM!!!! I'm so HAPPY to know that FINALLY I can buy some scrap stuffs and start working again. I'm glad to know that there are a lot of scrappers here at Philippines, I never thought that SCRAPBOOKING (expensive hobby) will be the fad of many moms here. My heart is overwhelmed to meet fellow scrappers and learn different kind of techniques each day. Do visit my website at www.erwinjoy.com and http://joydianne.blogspot.com.


Lee i. said...

Haha. Straight lines. The weakness of every traditional scrapbooker. Measure, cut, measure cut. You digital scrappers have it easy there. But balance, design, color are important for either type of scrapbooking. And Joy, you've got an eye for those elements. Like this clean yet colorful LO.

Joyleen Dianne Co Lim said...

Yeah, I agree with you, kaya nga I decided to do it in digital. I hate cutting and measuring each sheets of papers. Usually trial and error.
Thanks for the compliment. I hope to meet you soon.

zabethtan said...

Mare, Nice LO. Gusto ko matutunan yan ha pero upto now wala parin me alam sa digital. Hehehe.

C70 said...

Joy, I love how the colors just pop off your page! Great job on this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,
First of all, I wish I were in that beautiful island!!! Your pictures, the colors and the layout is stunning!! I love this LO.

Nita Ang said...

Ang galing mo na sa digital! This is another exceptional showcase of your talent in digital scrapbooking. Bravo!