Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Wish Came True

Mary Anne says, KAYA!

I'm pleased to share my layout. Thanks for coming out with this challenge.

It sure is every girls' dream to be wedded or to be married someday. I even say a prayer or two for this alone. I've been in a different relationship and each of which experience I dreamt that it would last down the aisle.

I almost gave up to that dream 'coz all I would have were pains and no less than heartaches.

Until I fervently pray for it and it came upon a decision to take each steps at a time, and seemly dont just jump to any man that would show me pa-cuteness.

Loo and behold, I didn't realize that my long time friend, a fellow leader, a confidante would be my man of my dreams.

I used to joke on him and would matched him with one of my bestfriends...but it didnt work out coz he actually likes me even more than her...than our love story began and MY WISH CAME TRUE!

Materials Used:
Patterned paper - (1) BG Mellow Seasoned (Base), (2) BG Mellow EBB (1st layer after the base), (3) BG Recess Elementary (2nd layer after the base), (4) BG Infuse Stew (Photo Mat), (5) BG Infuse Saturate ( the scallop with circle), (6) BG Infuse Instill (after the scallop), Flower cut from BG Mellow Flavourful, Sequin Flowers
Others - Ribbons, FP Rub-ons, Hinges, MM Mini Brads, IP-Coasters Hearts Fire, Buckle Ribbon, BG Infuse Ribbons, Fillstar Heart, HCI Clear sticker quotes.

Layering, paper cutting, stamping

About ME:
I'm a working Mom by day, a servant of God after office, a mother to two lovely daughters after that, and a wife to my ever understanding husband. I started scrapbooking 2 years ago, but on ocassional basis only during birthdays and anniversaries coz I would always give handcrafted gifts like scrapbooks to my loveones. Later I meet an e-grouper and my enthusiasm become now a passion. I find scrapbooking as a therapy that it helps me forget any issues in the office and make me feel happy after coming out with something at my level of experience okay. I would love entering challenges and hear comments regarding my creations good or bad coz this will help me better of next time. Kaya, you will see the other side of me here. TFL. Learn more about me at my blog


the dreamer said...

Oh wow! Wedding pics! Haven't scrapped mine, as I don't have the guts yet. So I always look forward to how other people approach it. And yours is truly a work of art. Love this! Great job! =)


JK said...

Me-ann, you are a beautiful bride. Very cute pics. Very nice LO, too, esp all the details and embellies you used. The white, swirly design on the top, that is very clever.


Nita Ang said...

Beautifully executed swirl on top w/ matching floral trim... gave your LO a soft look na bumagay sa wedding theme mo. Also, delightful usisain isa-isa yung mga embellies mo. I want to see more of your LOs, ma-bisita nga blog mo :D

Me-anne's Nook said...

Uy thanks for appreciating it ha, it was actually my very first LO of me,hehehe, nilakasan ko lng luob ko to create one for me. I saw that picture piled up with our old pictures e malapit nang anayin ang beauty ko kaya ginawan ko ng LO. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. Makes me wanna scrap some more.

Lee i. said...

So many things going on with this LO. Love the details, specially that swirl with the chain of flowers.

marjorie said...

wow,you are a beautiful bride..very dreamy lo here!

C70 said...

lovely page! the colors you picked complement your photo really well

Racky said...

Such a masterpiece indeed! The picture, the color combination and materials were perfectly chosen to justify the emotion you had during your moment.How i wish i could make a LO like this!

Me-anne's Nook said...

Thanks guys, your comments are to inspiring,you really make someone's day happy.