Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mrs. Solitary Butterfly's Book of Wonders main collage

Nina says, KAYA!

I've been working on collages and wanted a way to make it more three-dimensional. Inspired by a diorama in my mom's house, I wanted to alter a box and make a collage in it, sort of like the simple shoebox "TVs" we used to do in school.

I had to beg the KAYA! core team to let me do an altered project for this challenge. Hehe.

As there are too many photos of this project, if you'd like to see the rest of the collage in a box, kindly take a look at my new blog.

Materials used:
8 x 8 Papemelroti recycled paper box, 1972 newspaper page, white acrylic paint, All About Scrapbooking blue handmade paper, various patterned papers, stamps, ink, foil, copper wire, metal wire, beads.

Techniques used:
Altered the box by decoupaging it with old newspaper. Then, painted with watered down white acrylic paint. Pasted blue handmade paper and handcut stars from foil. Then added the layers of patterned paper. Stamped moon face on four different colors of a single patterned paper and layered with foam tape. Stamped lines to look like electricity lines. Stamped swallow, fish, and dog on patterned paper and added with foam tape. Played with metal wire, copper wire and beads and added with foam tape covered by the strip of patterned paper.

About Me:
Renegade scrapbooker. I've been making ATCs, cards, collages and various meanderings of a stay-at-home mom's imagination.


Roxannee said...

wow it is awesome!

C70 said...

Hi, Nina! It's great to see you crafting again! Love all the tiny details of your project!

cabbiejanescrapper said...

this is one of the best art i have ever seen! nina, your creativity will never get you wrong no matter what direction you take! your ideas are really gorgeous and always new and exploring.

Lee i. said...

OK, sa biglang tingin, scrapbook ba ito? But when tou think about it, we scrap things that are important to us. Who said they have to be pictures, could be symbols, right? I really like this, Nina, specially when I saw the real thing. Gusto ko nga iuwi at ipakita kay Toym. I reiterate what Toym said, you have an artist's eye. Yung style mo pwedeng pwede for children's books illustrations. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

Nina, this is a gorgeous work of art! Looks very original, and so beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nina, TFS this is what scrapping is all about very creative.

Anonymous said...

Galing nina =) iba ka talaga =)


marjorie said...

nina,this is art!!! i love how u did all the tiny details..i wish i can see this in person.