Friday, August 1, 2008

Kaya 16 - It's Alter Time!!!

If you have been religiously doing Kaya Challenges (which I'm so guilty of...not), more or less you will have 15 layouts now in your album. So now, let's do something different. I'm doing an altered clock tutorial and yup, this will be this month's Kaya Challenge.

I will be posting step by step pictures on how to do this. I know some of you guys know how to do this already. But for the benefit of the newbies and other scrappers who haven't tried this project, I am posting them for you to follow.

Materials Needed:
  1. Any clock (i always buy this at SM department store... its cheap, only costs P150 per clock)
  2. pliers
  3. cutter
  4. thin foam
  5. screw driver
  6. adhesives
  7. scissors
  8. 5R picture
  9. and other materials you usually need to make a layout like cardstock, patterned paper, etc...
Step 1. Get any clock and carefully dismantle it using a screw driver.

Step 2: Carefully take body of the clock away from the frame and the glass. Do not separate the glass from its frame.

Step 3: Carefully take off the hands of the clock by simply pulling them off. Please do this one by one and avoid bending them.

Step 4: Using a set of pliers, unscrew the bolt after taking the hands off the face of the clock.

Step 5: Carefully lift the white face of the clock. Avoid tearing this as you will use this as a pattern for the next step.

Step 6: Get a cardstock, preferably one that will match the photo and the patterned papers that you will use to design your clock. Trace the white circle paper that you took off the clock using pencil then cut the excess using scissors.

Step 7: Get the thin foam and place it under the cardstock to serve as protection in cutting the small inner circle of the cardstock. Use a cutter in doing this. your ready to design your own clock. This is like making your normal layouts only in a circle shape. Just keep in mind of the hole in the middle part of the cardstock - so avoid placing pictures (especially face part) or any embellishments directly over it.

Make your clocks simple, keeping in mind that you still have to place numbers for the minutes and the hours. And avoid 3D embellishments because they might come into contact with the clock's hands making it impossible to move. As much as possible keep it flat to the cardstock.

Once you're done with your circle layout, put adhesives at the back then place it on the body of the clock. (be careful to place the numbers straight on top, below, to the right and to the left. Again, you can use the white face of the clock you removed earlier a guide.

Step 8: Putting it back... First, place the layout as the new face of the clock then put on the bolts to secure the clock's machine, then put the hands back (check they are not bent), then the frame with the glass and there you have it... your own altered clock!

It's easy, right? You can give these as personalized gifts to your friends also!

Now back to the challenge requirements...

I'm only requiring you to use a clock of course and at least 1 photo (it can be 5R or 4R).

So enjoy and I hope you liked my simple tutorial on this.

Deadline of entries is on Aug 30, Saturday, 11:59 PM.


g_ann said...

Cool project! Now I have a reason to alter that plain ugly clock hanging in our room. LOL. ;)

a.k.a. selenakyle said...

thanks for the reminder!  i've changed the face of a corporate giveaway clock once and after procrastinating for years, your post got me working on this small promo item clock i've been using for years.  nothing as fancy as yours, i just tore up some magazine pages and construction paper i have lying around.

Nita Ang said...

Darling :D Ngayon pa lang tayo ata nagkaroon ng Kaya challenge na may kasamang instructional pa. Ang galeng! I have tried my hand on altering a clock once (all thanks to you). Ang masasabi ko lang, ang pinakamasayang moment for me during the whole process was to see that the clock was still working after I had put it back together - LOL. Then it doubled nung ma-realize ko, "Heeyyyy! It doesn't only work... it actually looks good! :D