Monday, September 29, 2008

Marcie and Her Bag of Words

Gracie says, KAYA!

Here's my last minute entry for the mini album challenge. I got the base of the album from Artzdescrap. I actually got to finish this during my birthday last Saturday. I had a "Scrappy Birthday" as I called it. I was thinking of a theme for this mini and I came across some random pictures of my daughter. She has been learning a lot of words lately so I thought of creating an album for her own vocabulary. I guess all our kids go through that phase where they have their own terms for certain things. Sometimes I have no idea where they get those words but I guess it's how they want to call certain stuff.

1st Page:
Dyda- Pronounced as dee-da.
That's how you called daddy at first. It's like saying the syllables of the word daddy backwards. You sure are dyda's little girl. A lot of people say you look alike & you do have some trait that are just like your dyda's. =)

2nd Page:
Kuka is how you call your two cousins. I guess you can't pronounce the letter "Y" yet so instead of Kuya it turned out as "Kuka". You get all happy & excited whenever you see your kuya JN & NJ.

3rd Page:
Mamam is your term for milk while "kuka" calls it "giya". Oh you two are so cute while having your drinking session.

4th page:
You love bananas & you call them "Nana". Lolo would often buy lots of nanas for you to eat as he loves nanas too! I even catch you every now & then trying to climb up the table to reach for a "nana".

5th Page:
Strawberry Shortcake who is "Fabeya" to you, is your favorite character. We even bought you that big SSC doll because you couldn't let go of it when you saw it at the mall. Your birthday theme was "Fabeya" too! =)

6th Page:
This is one of my favorite word from your silly dictionary. I don't know where it came from but it's how you say swimming. h boy do you love to swim! You look so adorable in that bathingsuite too!

7th page:
You're a girl but you have this love for cars. "NGING" is how you call them. I guess it's the sound of the car or something... You love to sit at the driver's seat & play with the steering wheel too! Vroom! Off you go! =)

PPs- Itty Bitty Scrap Pads from Provo Craft, other left over scraps from various PPs
Alphabet block beads, ribbons, foam shapes, alpha stickers, Making Memories Brads & Flowers, Buttons, The Paper Company Cardstock, Thickers- American Crafts, Craft Express Chipboard shapes, Elmer's glue, black felt, DMC Thread

About ME:
I'm Gracie Ann David-Tan, currently 25 years old & turning a year older next month. A current resident of Angeles City. I'm a mommy to Marcie (now 19 months old) & a wife to my loving & very hardworking husband, Mark. I'm a lover of arts & crafts (scrapooking, card making, altered art & paper crafts). I believe that you need not spend a lot to create art. Of course I do have my splurging moments too sometimes when I go shopping for arts & crafts materials & tools. I like to invest more on useful tools. I see myself as a resourceful person. Before I throw something away I try to visualize what I can create with that item. Like the emptied formula milk cans for example, I decided to create unique gift containers with them instead of just throwing them away. You can view samples of my altered cans at this site: & for my other LOs & creations.

I'm also a lover of music & dance & chocolates of course! I'm a stay at home mom but I also co-manage our family business. We sell perfume & health & beauty products both retail & wholesale. I still dream of putting up my own arts & crafts store here in our place since we have limited sources of scrapbook supplies here. I love to cook & bake too!


marking said...

Hi Gracie, you're right toddlers vocabularies are really cute.

CraftFairy said...

What a great idea! Now I have to think back what my kids' lingo were! TFS.

Donna E. said...

ang cute gracie!!!