Friday, September 12, 2008

Wish to see you again

Nina says, KAYA!

Been looking for inspiration to actually make a mini-album about our first trip to Taiwan. So, thank you, Marian, for the amazing challenge!

Since I didn't bring a lot of supplies and didn't have a mini-book on-hand, I made my own mini-book with folded cardstock sewn together and with a piece of Making Memories patterned paper folded as a pouch. The photos are wallet-size.

Journaling: Never judge a place by how it looks. At least, that's the case with Taoyuan, Taiwan. The old, run-down buildings and the not-so-clean streets reminded me of Quiapo. But it was a place that Matt and I quickly fell in love with.

Although AR has experienced nothing but work stress here, I pray he does keep the good memories rather than the bad. I do know he enjoys the variety of new kinds of food to try and the electronics eyecandy galore at Nova. He also celebrated his 30th birthday here.

Matt fell in love with Tonlin Mall, with the indoor play area and the Mushiking arcade game for kids. He promptly acquired an obsession with beetles too. Matt also loved visiting the playground at the nearby park.

Matt and I'd never actually set foot in a temple before. But we were drawn to them as they are everywhere. This was our favorite, the largest one we saw, with majestic gateways and golden dragons in the fishpond just inside.

Taoyuan is definitely full of enterprising people, with its wonderful shops all around. On the left is where I bought my black sandals. My favorites are the bookstores and the stamps sold everywhere.

Matt's favorite, and only, food groups were composed of the following: La Cheska's fish, rice and toyo; McDonald's and KFC's chicken nuggets; Mister Donuts' chocolate donuts. On our 2nd trip, he discovered Yoshinoya's rice from the beef bowl and rediscovered Yamazuki's chocolate waffles.

I think my favorite memory will be just the three of us wandering around the shops around the Chinatrust Landmark Hotel. It was fun for Matt and me to take a break from our quiet life in Jale and be with AR on this adventure.

Although the staff are not that friendly, my favorite, among many, errands is when we mail letters. I mailed a letter to Mom and Matt loved the idea of "making something" and mailing it. He'd beg us to "mail something" all the time.

Even though we're currently in Taoyuan as I write this, it's not hard to imagine how much we'll miss this place when we leave. As my favorite Taiwanese drama is titled, "Wish to see you again" someday, Taoyuan.

Materials: Patterned paper scraps and Taiwan decorative papers; stamps - National Bookstore, Prima, Inque Boutique, Taiwan stamps, Technique Tuesday, Rivercity Rubberworks, Queen Kat Designs, Stampington; inks; others - postage stamp, button, string, die-cut, decorative tape, index card, stickers, ephemera.

About ME:
My name is Nina and I'm a stay-at-home mom to 4-year-old Matt. We're currently in Taiwan because of hubby's work for Philippine Airlines. We just started homeschooling and, right now, scrapbooking is the only thing that's keeping me sane.


marking said...

Hi Nina, Wow that was a really lovely mini album especially the journalling. Matt will treasure this whenever he looks at it. I also admire the fact that you were able to make an album with minimal supplies.

Jules said...

What a perfectly wholesome mini book, Nina. I love knowing about your travels, and it is great to see pictures and stories of your family. This is really nice!


CraftFairy said...

Hello Nina, I love how you presented your memories - clear journaling on one side and pictures on the other; and WOW! You bound this yourself?! What a great book! TFS!

cabbie lopez said...

am always amazed at what nina would do... and now, she incorporated maps and stamps (ephemera) to her astounding mini!!!!! i love most especially her stamps!

Nita Ang said...

NINNNAAAA... (sabay akap ng mahigpit) Miss na miss ka na namin. Sabihin mo kay hubby mo, malaki na utang mo sa amin kaya kailangan magpakita ka agad pagbalik mo. Tignan mo nga naman ito, abroad na ang bruha, scrapping pa din. I love this new album of yours, my dear friend! Ang stamping... tatak Nina talaga. My verdict: 2 thumbs up!

zabethtan said...

Truly an inspiration. You make it with little supplies and done it on a handmade album that is really an awesome. One more thing I loved the stamp you used.

Donna E. said...

hi nina!!! i love this mini!! galing every little details love ko. you're the stamping queen tlaga! :)

Christine said...

great album, Nina!! it looks really cool!!! are you in town yet? miss you na!