Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Gotta have Friend

Zabeth Says, KAYA!

I have done minis album before, but all are in traditional. Since, I will be quiting in traditional, this will be my first time to make a minis album in digital. I also, added a little of traditional to bind it all together.

I used the photos of grace cousins, including grandma and grandpa for this mini album.

Here is the mini album:
Front cover traditional bind:
Materials Used: Used red Folder, Used Yarns, black & white sequence, Craft Express Rub-on, Beary punch you gotta friends.

Page 1 It's all in digital and laminated:
Credits to: Cherish dream live kit by Rick, Font: Garamond.
Journaling: Memories, Cherish yesterday, Dream of tomorrow, Live for today-Gochuico Album.

Page 2-3:
Credits: Maria La France Sunshine Daisies kit, Nina tag, Wpage pixie stitches, cherry very wavy, Cluster deco, Font: Viner Hand ITC.
Journaling: Gochuico Family Charles, Elizabeth & Grace Kelly, Family brings You home.

Page 4-5:
Credits: Digital Pinay kit, Papermoons paper hearts, Jovi gray design kit,Font: Viner Hand ITC.
Journaling: Grandparents are there to help their grandchildren.My Grandpa and Grandma they loved me so much-grace. Grandparents are Precious.

Page 6-7:
Credits: Stierney Datenameplaese, LDESJ Timeless mini kit, DS you are so beautiful add-on, Font: Vines Hand ITC.
Journaling: This is me Grace, I am a girl and 31/2 year old, My cousins loved to play with me.

Page 8-9:
Credits: Maria La France Splits photos, AC Blesser-Rainy Days, Font: Viner Hand ITC.
Journaling: This is Daniel my another cousin. He loves to play with me and I loved him so much-grace.

Page 10-11:
Credits: AC Blesser-Playdate, Nautica-Element WordArt, Sterner star, WP Black felt arrow, Font: Vinet Hand ITC.
Journaling: This is my cousin David, So cute. I loved to play with him all the time-grace.

Page 12:
Credits to: Cherish dream live kit by Rick, Font: Garamond.
Designed by: Zabeth

Here is the slide for viewing:

I digital all the 6x6 album using Adobe Photoshop. I add the used yarn to bind it all together and adding some rub-ons, sequence to finish the designs.


Call me Zabeth for short. I am on-off to scrapbook, I am quiting my traditional for I have no time to make traditional, but not in digital. You can view more of my work and a few of my on-sales items at


marking said...

Hi Zabeth. Wow hybrid and gawa mo. Galing!

Donna E. said...

wow zabeth hybrid scrapper ka na rin ha! very nice mini!