Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alone At Last

Mei Ann says, KAYA!

One of the things that my hubby and I have in common is our love for the sea. We used to dive in Anilao every weekend before migrating here in the Great White North.

On top of our wish list is to have a wooden shack by the sea where I can scrap the whole day and he can just sit on the sand listening to the sound of the waves. Our dream is still far from happening but every time we have a chance, and weather permitting, we love going to our seaside hideaway....to be far from the hustle and bustle of the city life and to be "Alone At Last"!

Our deep love for the sea is captured by Neil Sedaka's song "Alone at Last."

Alone at last in a hideaway
Far away from all the worries in the world
We share each other while the sun's going down
Not another soul around.

Sandylion (Boardwalk), Making Memories vintage frame, Basicgrey Element Sticker, Seashells and starfish, decorative net, gems, sack cloth, Martha Stewart butterfly craft punch, thread for stitching

Stitched the title on a sack cloth, handmade the butterfly embellishments

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Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

So lovely layout!I love your embellishments and the journalling!

the dreamer said...

Mei Ann, I love this!!! Galing-galing! =)

Am in sea mode kasi and always looking for new ideas. Thanks for the inspiration! =)


CaysCreation said...

Ganda ng LO mo! Love the elements!

CraftFairy said...

Wow! Everything went well together! The net is a great touch! and love the stone gems! TFS!!

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Thank you ladies for your sweet comments. Much appreciated. Marissa, I really had a great time working on your challenge.

Lee i. said...

Love the net and that song is so romantic. Wish I could be somewhere else right now.

CHING said...

Hi Mei Ann, Lovely, lovely layout!!! galing naman!!!

janis said...

loovve the embellishments used here!!! makes me want to hit the beach. ;o)

Candy said...

Very ingenious, Mei Ann! Love the net and the embellies! Galing!!!