Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Advice

Lee says, KAYA!

It may sound egotistic and/or even narcissistic, but this layout is all about me. What can I say, I love me! This layout is based on the song Girlfriend by Julia Fordham. I relate to this song for three reasons:

1) In the nineties when this song was popularized, I thought I was in love with a guy who was a "boyfriend ng iba." The lyrics "Don't tell your girlfriend about me cause your girfriend won't like girls like me" were the perfect refrain for my angst-ridden non-existent lovelife.

2) This was also the time when in search of answers, Susie and I frequented manghuhulas or fortune tellers from Quezon City to Makati to Tagaytay City.

3) The good advice the song imparts is as relevant to me then as it is now. In order to be loved truly and fully by someone else, we should love ourselves first, even now that my true love has found me.

I went to see a psychic and I paid for good advice.
He said, "Forget a romance 'til you've sorted out your life.
Be your own mother and your father and your sister and brother.
And even try to crack the art of being your own lover."

Materials Used:
Scrapbook Hawaii's First Kiss kit, except buttons, DMC thread, American Crafts Thickers and rubons, Tulip Fabric paint, MAMBI rubons and cardstock.

Stitching - I "mended" my broken heart, stitched the buttons on, and copied the cross-stitch pattern of the journaling paper to create a border under my photo.

About ME:
I am happily married, not to a foreigner as one of the
manghuhulas carelessly predicted, but to a loving artist who's a Pinoy through and through. And the guy I thought I was in love didn't marry that girlfriend but he remains to be one of my best boy friends. I am sometimes The Armchair Scrapper especially when my scrapping mojo is on hiatus.


CraftFairy said...

Gleng-gleng naman! Inggit na naman me. Love the stitched broken heart. Unique idea. And yes, add yourself to those who love you. Love it!

the dreamer said...

Very, very cool, kapatid. Always good advice too. Love Julia Fordham. Ako naman ang angst-ridden song ko nung kabataan ko was "Invisible War". Hehe.

Love this layout, kapatid. It's one of my faves of yours. =)


Mia Castrillo said...

Hay, tunog ng kabataan ko! I used to listen to that casette tape until pudpud na. Girlfriend was one of my favorites too, because relate na relate ako sa friend ko na guy pero iba yung girlfriend. Hahaha! Great layout, Lee! Love that stitched heart. :D

Lee i. said...

Thanks, mga kababata. Hehehe. Soundtrack ng buhay ko talaga si Julia. At sino ang makakalimot ng walang kamatayang Love Moves in Mysterious Ways. Hmmm....maybe this topic deserves a mini-album.

Mia, pareho pala tayong may boyfriend na boyfriend ng iba.

Nina, favorite nung BF ng iba ang Invisible War. Yun naman theme song niya sa GF niya. Kaya di sila nagkatuluyan hehe.

Manang, I delivered, and am glad you liked it. :-)

Roxannee said...

Very unique layout! I like the tiny heart pin and the broken heart effect.

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Hi Lee. Swak na swak yung kanta sa LO. I love the stitches on the broken heart. On the side, is Marissa your ate {sorry for snooping}? Cheers!

CraftFairy said...

Hi Mei Ann... I will respond to your question. Yeah. Lee and I, we are bookends [the youngest is a boy, Lee's the youngest sa girls, so yeah... I consider that being bookends].

CHING said...

Gorgeous lo! Love the colors and the stitching! I listened to the song...I love it!

CaysCreation said...

Very nice LO! Love it!

tnapay said...

very very nice page lee. :) and i love the story behind it din. heehee. agree ako dun sa love moves in mysterious ways. heehee. sarap ng challenge na to, naglabasan ang mga interesting stories.

Susie said... brings back memories that we believed with manghuhulas. One of them says i'll be impregnanted before i get married...took me 8 yrs before i had a baby ;-) I love the broken heart stitches, ikaw lang ang nakaka-isip niya, ganda!

marking said...

Hi Lee, Love the stitched broken heart. Great LO & journalling.

janis said...

loooovveee the stitched broken heart.... at may interesting stories pa on the side!!! truth to tell, this is my most favorite LO here. ;o)

Mel said...

maganda yung over all Layout composition. You should have more pictorials in the future. That's also one way of loving yourself. Hehehe! Ako takot di mag smile sa pics kasi mukha akong galit if I'm poker faced.

Me-anne's Nook said...

hi lee as expected lovely layout, i like the stitched heart so meaningful. great job.

Me-anne's Nook said...

hi lee as expected lovely layout, i like the stitched heart so meaningful. great job.

Candy said...

Hehehe! Lee!!! Ikaw talaga, trust you to come up with a LO that cracks everyone up. Still, this is such a unique and beautiful LO, even if I almost laughed myself out of the chair!