Friday, May 4, 2007

A Most Favorite Read...

Sheryl says, KAYA!

How many books have been written, not to entertain, but to affirm your life's philosophy? How many books have you read that spoke to the deepest recesses of your mind? How many books have changed your life?
"Atlas Shrugged" by AYN RAND is one such book. I have been reading books for the better part of 25 years, yet no other book has touched or changed my life the way this book did.
I guess that's the best reason why after stumbling upon it in 1999, it is still and remains to be my most favorite read. SHERYL 5/07

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About ME:

Am a working mom who just realized I will never be a domestic goddess and happy about the fact. :-) "Mamam" to DD Lilaa (17months old) and another DD coming in June 2007. Rekindled my love affair with Scrapbooking in May 2006, this time using acid-free/lignin-free/PVC-free materials and is quite obssessed about it. A no-fuss scrapbooker who follow no rules and no limits. Can finish several layouts in one sitting and has been nicknamed a 'lean-mean scrapping machine', but of course, only when I'm in the mood. I love the freedom of creation that scrapbooking brings. It allows creative license and at the same time, it affords me to record, in a very creative and delightful manner, my family's memories to last more than a lifetime. I also c0-own and co-manage an online bookstore with a good friend and kababayan Julie Kelly who is also a member of Pinoy Scrapbookers.


jennifer said...

i am not into reading, but your journal made me interested in reading this one, too. that is, if i can find one. =)

nice layout, sheryl. simple but sophisticated.

Lee i. said...

Hi Sheryl, your LO reminds me of a male friend who bought me The Fountainhead when we were in college. Hmmm...wonder where he is now? LOL. For a first attempt at digital and using Photofiltre, this is nice, like Jenn said.

Scrappy_Donna said...

nahawa ako ng pag-try ng digital scrapping sa iyo hehehe nakaka-aliw diba? pero mahirap (at least for me!). like jenn said, ur lo is simple yet sophisticated.

Sheryl E. Martinez said...

Thanks ladies,

Jenn, it's available in most bookstores, it's over a thousand pages which i gobbled up in a month's time, was so engrossed and couldn't put it down. If you have time to spare, and time to think (afterwards) then i recommend this book.

Lee, I've read "the Fountainhead" but personally, malayo pa sya sa Atlas Shrugged, that was Ayn rand's first novel yata if im not mistaken so hindi pa masyadong smooth ang story-telling nya. But i believe it was also a bestseller for a time.

Donna,yep am actually loving digi-scrapping now.I bought na an external hard drive of 300GB to store my digi kits. Your PC's system slows down pag mababa memory so you need an external HD if you want to go digi-scrap. I think that's the best part of digi-scrapping, aside from getting freebies, is that nothing really go to waste. :-) Keep scrapping!

Thanks for the nice comments ladies!

cabbiejanescrapper said...

hello co-booklover sheryl, i love the elegance of your layout, wow digital din ha.though i havent read this book pa, i know this is very interesting and a good one too. take care.

C70 said...

Hi, Sheryl! your page looks very elegant! I love it!

Au Lim said...

wonder why i can't find my comments here, sa cbox ko rin nga siguro pala nailagay. naku at digital scrapper ka na talaga! sa dami ng digital dito, i might follow suit soon...and i always hear that Ayn Rand author, naiintriga na tuloy ako. Lee also says maganda nga daw books nya. Parang gusto ko na tuloy basahin, Now if only i can find the time...hahahah...