Friday, May 25, 2007

Will Scrap for Chocolates

CraftFairy1 says, KAYA!

Journaling Reads:
I am a recovering Frango-Mint-aholic. But now I am addicted to extra, extra dark Lindt Lindor truffles. To keep my dignity, my sanity, and my body from spreading sideways ^o^ I have to work hard to support my addiction. Then again, scrapbooking is another obsession!

Who says chocolates and scrapbooking don't mix? I don't live out in the boonies but I don't have anyone to scrap with. My love for chocolate [and not just any chocolate] gives me a little boost to complete a layout. At the end of a LO is the satisfaction of completing one and my favorite chocolate is just the “cherry on top”.

Materials Used:
Almost everything from Jenny Limayo's "Love Is You” Kit; KirstyWiseman - Torrent Overlay; Willy Wonka Font; Olympus Camedia; PCS2; Extra, extra dark Lindor Truffle which melted while I was taking pictures of it.

Technique Used:
I just grabbed and dropped everything I thought I needed and discarded what didn't go with the LO (the beauty of digital scrapbooking) until I achieved the effect I wanted. Note to self: do not open too many files at the same time. It super slows down Photoshop!

About ME:
Name's Marissa (aka CraftFairy1, why craft fairy is another story). I started scrapbooking years ago when my son was 2yrs old. It wasn’t of archival quality then, but thank goodness for technology I was able to make our pictures look better than the first time they were processed. Scrapbooking our pictures was put on hold when my daughter was born and my work involved 90% travel time. I started scrapbooking again when I discovered all these wonderful printed papers. By this time we have accumulated boxes of pictures. It is supposed to be a relaxing past time but the stress of looking at all the boxed pictures and not knowing where to start just made me sit and stare and dream.

I discovered Photoshop in 2003 and with a few tips here and there from a friend in the office I learned my way around just enough to start my digital layouts in 2004. Digital supplies available on the web during that time looked so fake they did not impress me much. I scanned my own papers and embellishments and used those for my digital layouts. It was a long process but digi-scrapbooking was a faster way for me to put those pictures on attractive pages. Why do I do it? For the future. For the time when I forget what happened when, where, why, how, and who are the faces on those pictures. For my kids and future kids when we are no longer around to tell them stories and answer their questions. My scrapbooks are time capsules for my future.


jennifer said...

ang cute naman, pati font, chocolate inspired din!

Nita Ang said...

Wowser! I love the innovative way you journaled on the page... akala mo part pa rin sya ng decorative element. Pagkabasa ko pa lang ng Frango-mint, I immediately thought "Lee"... katapos-tapusan, sa kapatid pala ni Lee yung latest entry. Hahaha... Iba talaga kayong magkapatid magsulat (saludo dalawang kamay). Shucks, it's genetics nga talaga - hahaha :D

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

wow! love the flower elements and the font, it really goes with the "chocolatey" factor of the lo :) hehehe

CraftFairy said...

TY to all. I got Lee hooked on Frango Mints. I'll send her some in the next box. I wonder if she'll share? hehehe

Lee i. said...

Manang, hmmm...i'm not sure that is a good idea. Sharing the Frango mints, that is. Hehe. It will really depend whether they are nice to me or not. Hay, inggit din ako sa Lindt truffles, pero surely, that will melt in the box. But the Frango mints will do. Yum-yum. I like your LO, by the way. :-)

Au Lim said...

Ay! nakaka-crave naman yang topic na yan! Ang after reading your journaling and entry, sus! makapatid nga kayo ni Lee! Sayang ang layo mo. I'm sure we'll enjoy your company as well if you had been here.

CraftFairy said...

Hello again. Kakalungkot nga, the Far East is too far. haha! I enjoy your entries, pictures and emails. Nakakaaliw. Saya-saya ninyo dyan! I will donate a box of Frango Mints para sa winner of the next challenge. "Next" meaning pagdating ng box dyan. You have to tie down Lee. No chocolate is ever safe with her! Thanks, guys!