Monday, May 28, 2007

My Security Blanket

Ems says, KAYA!

This is my third try on digiscrapping. I was really confused on what fave thing I would want to show, there are so many. I love romance pocketbooks and I have tons of them. I love watching T.V. I love eating and I was thinking of my comfort food, Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream. And, needless to say, there's scrapbooking, too. But I noticed my ever reliable mentholated thing (really don't know what this is called---the original brand name is Bohrer-ding so I tell that to the pharmacist whenever I buy). I would really make sure it's in my bag before leaving the house, or else, I will have panic attack! I never thought that I would be doing a LO about it. So thanks for this opportunity.

Journaling Reads:
This mentholated rock goes wherever I go. It’s always in my bag when I’m out of the house, on my desk when I’m in the office & on top of my bedside table when I’m about to sleep. I put it on my forehead & nape if I feel hot, dizzy, hypertensive or simply not feeling well. I surely have panic-attacks when I can’t find my rock!

Materials Used:
Rhona Farrer Spring Fling Kit & tag

About ME:
I'm Ems Fronda, working wife to a wonderful hubby, Oliver & Mommy to a beautiful girl, Gaby and another one on the way (after almost 7 years). Started scrapbooking when I was in High School using magazine cut-outs, ordinary stickers & other knick-knacks. Got hooked on "real" traditional scrapbooking in 2003 with the push and shove of my dear friend, Joanne Yap (thanks dear). Since then, the bug has never left me. I would say my style is clean and mean but would love to develop from there. I envy those scrapbookers who can just dump a lot of patterned papers and embellishments in a single LO and still look clean and not busy. Since I'm a working Mom, I'm ecstatic just to finish 1 or 2 LO/s a month. My subject is mostly my daughter Gaby so I'm glad that she'll have a sibling soon (another backlog on the way too).


Au Lim said...

Mother Ems! Glad you made it in time! Pang-photo finish din pala ang beauty mo! Those are really nice colors! And and cute ng topic mo. I know that rock...hehehe...i used to carry one too.

Nita Ang said...

Ahahaha... napaghahalataan kung sino ang buntis. Pati favorite item buntis paraphernalia. Buti na lang nakahabol ka... miss ka na namin sa PS :D

Lee i. said...

Hi Ems, I like the colors that you used, they really matched, and I like the placement of the elements. I'm afraid I do not know this Bohrer-ding - do you inhale it? Is it ointment? a bird? a plane? Hehe.