Thursday, May 31, 2007

Congratulations to the May Kaya Challenge Favorites!

To all who took on the very first Kaya challenge, a million thanks! To all who faithfully awaited and took time to view the Kaya posts, then voted and supported their favorites, our heartfelt appreciation to you as well. Since this is also the debut of the Pinoyscrapbookers Challenge Blog, it is especially meaningful for myself and all involved in it and contributed their skill, thoughts and time to put it all together. Special thanks to PS Mod Lee who initiated this blog and works very hard to administer to it. Our challenge is all in the spirit of fun and is meant to push us to put to good use our accumulating stash and flex our creative muscles. To this end, I think we have accomplished our goal.

Now, to officially declare the favorites of our First Kaya Challenge: Congratulations to Ella Go for her entry Bottoms Up as the most popular Traditional LO. Congratulations also to Marissa for her entry Will Scrap for Chocolates as the most popular Digital LO.

We originally did not intend for the challenge to have prizes since we agreed that “a finished LO is the best reward”. However, some kindhearted and generous people (ahem! :-D) have volunteered to give goodies for the winners during the previous EB so now we have a little something for our very first challenge favorites.

Again, our thanks to all the participants who answered a resounding KAYA! Watch out soon for June’s Kaya challenge callout! It promises to be very challenging indeed.


C70 said...

Congrats, Ella and Marissa!!!

Wow, those are yummy goodies! Have fun with them! :)

CraftFairy said...

Congratulations to us all! Just the reward of being challenged, finishing an LO, sharing it to everyone is a great reward in itself!
Thanks, Au, for the ohhhhh [swoon, swoon] delicious prize!!! So very generous of you!
Heto na po ang drama... and to all of my loving fans out there....[hikbi] maraming salamat sa mga votes ninyo [singot! mascara all smudged right now {^.^) ]
Congratulations, Ella!

Ella said...

Finally, I got to take a break from work. it was a very busy day for me.

Anyway, Congrats to all of us. Everybody's LO were beautiful.

Marissa, your winning LO was also my favorite.

Also, thanks to all who voted for me and to Mitch for the yummy prize!

CraftFairy said...

Thanks, Ella. Great combo nga tayo. A chocoholic and an "alcoholic". hehe. Is it a shot of hot chocolate you pour in those glasses? I also collected shot glasses from different places I traveled to. Funny thing is I don't have one from Illinois.

Lee i. said...

Congratulations, ladies. Looking forward to more knock out layouts from you. Thank you also to those who voted. Remember, you decide. Seacrest, ay Lee, out!