Saturday, November 17, 2007

Celebrate Love

Khei says, KAYA!

As I was thinking about my Sweet Inspiration for Kaya 7, I came across my son’s RBW flashcards that I used to develop his visual activity when he was a baby. The colors caught my curiosity and attention. Why did babies see only these colors when they are just starting to take notice of their surroundings? For me, the colors also complement each other and they stand out. It’s also very versatile. In fashion, you can use these colors for glamour or for ‘punks’. So here’s my interpretation of the Red, Black, White color scheme.

Another year has gone by since I fell in love with you. Another year of being so true. This has been the best year of all other years and it’s been six years and we’re still here. We’ve been through many ups and downs but we remained strong and made it through the odds. Love kept us together. I only pray that God may grant me more years to love you, cherish you and serve you. I love you so much.

Sterling Scrapbooking paper; Papemelroti Craft Cuts; All About Scrapbooking ribbon, brads, foam flowers; Lux Ther’s a Rub rub-on; Heidi Grace Punchboards (tag); MRLS trim; Others: thread, beads; Font: Shelldon

I hand sew the black vine. Added white transparent and black beads since I’m using a plain red cardstock.

About ME:
I am Katrina but my friends call me Khei. I am 22 years old, mother to 3 year old Benedict Andrei. I started scrapbooking 3 years ago but I only scrapbook full time last June when I met Joanne Yap and introduced me to the SE. I love scrapbooking because it’s my de-stresser and it makes me remember good memories. I can challenge myself to be creative. Feel free to visit my blog:


Nita Ang said...
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Nita Ang said...

I went "AAaaawww" after reading your journaling :D Love those stitched on beads as well. It was the perfect touch.

Dhanggit said...

beautifully rendered scrapbook online :-) thanks for dropping and have a nice day

janujennifer said...

sweet ng journaling!

CraftFairy said...

Beads?! all over the LO? the patience is all worth it.