Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kaya Seven

Crreeeaaakkk... It's All Hallows Day... Coming from the murky depth of the dark, stormy sea, a lone, dark figure came to take her revenge on the last challenger and all the others that came before her. In a chilling voice dark and raspy, she whispers frigidly in their ears: "It's pay back time!" MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Vincent Price impersonation with matching thunderclap and howling wind)

CUT! (room light turns on) That's a wrap, ladies... Now, back to reality - hehehe :D

As we all know, not all our scrapping inspiration comes entirely on scrapping magazines alone. Sometimes we may be comfortably seated in our living room, then a color or a tag-line would grab us and our creative mind is off taking a roller coaster ride to scrapland. Inasmuch as we try to suppress it, we see scrapbooking in almost everything in our lives... that Jenny Bowlin blouse, Periphery blue sky... you know what I mean? Of course you do! So without further ado, let me present to you our next Kaya Seven challenge...

Sweet Inspiration

Kayang-kaya Kaya? I am challenging all Pinoy Scrapbookers ladies and gents to derive inspiration from ordinary products, ads, magazine covers, cd casings - you name it! AS LONG AS... it is not a scrapbook-related material. It can be a favorite item's packaging, a hand-out, anything that will inspire you to duplicate it partially or in whole. Let's get the ball rolling, guys. Now, let me hear that proud PS cry, KAYA!

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