Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reminising Childhood

Joy says KAYA!

I'm having a hard time to pick my sweet inspiration for this month challenge. I keep on searching the internet to find an inspiration to scraplift then at the same time I was also finding new Nintendo DS game at when I saw the front cover of this game. I said to myself, I know this is hard to scraplift but I will try my best to do it. I was 100% inspired to do this because I enjoy playing TETRIS and I'm a GAMER.

Journaling: Erwin was so happy to see Spongebob and Patrick. He jumped up at the stage and asks me to take him a picture. I don’t know why he likes mascots; maybe he missed being a kid again!

Materials Used: 4 Fonts: Impact, Galant, CG Omega, Quiant, Spongebob and Patrick Image

Technique Used: Used eyedropper to copy the respective colors. Do 5-6 colors of papers. Grid my working area so that I can layout the bricks. Bevel the bricks. Brush the violet background with light lilac to have a dotted effect. Double Matt the photo.

About Me:
I'm Joyleen Dianne Co Lim, 30 years old, a wife to a VERY supportive hubby, Erwin. I've been scrapbooking since 2002 but I stop then came back last 2006. Currently, I'm addictive to DIGITAL but still I'm trying to do the traditional.
Scrapbooking gives me passion and relaxation specially after a stressful day.Seeing my working area helps me relieve the discomfort that I feel. It helps me to show how I can be creative and artistic. Challenging because I can strive hard to produce a better outcome, learn from others to help me improve my work. Being with fellow friends is so fun. We chat, scrap and shop together. It helps me realize that I'm not all alone in this hobby. Lastly, my dear hubby supports this expensive hobby, he understands what I'm doing and is always amazed at every layout that i do, he is my number 1 fan.
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Nita Ang said...

Anga galing mo sis!!! Yan talaga advantage ng digital over traditional sa challenge na ito, mas precise at kuha ang font. Pero on second thought, depende pa rin nga pala yan sa galing nung gumagawa. Impressive :D

deedee de belen said...

definitely a great answer to the challenge! besides that, the theme is so YOU! congrats, friend.... love it!

marjorie said...

wow,this is way too cool! ang galing!

janujennifer said...

sobrang na-bilib ako sa layout na ito! kakaiba beyond ang tiyaga ah? hands up to you, joy!

CraftFairy said...

Wow, Joy. How colorful...and since I do digital also, just making those squares....patience is indeed a virtue!

Benga said...

ayun kala ko namalikmata ko, grabe kuhang-kuha! Bilib ako sa tyaga mo, sulit naman kc very impressive tlga!