Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mama, STOP

Marissa says, KAYA!

I fell in love with this McDo paper bag and I've been saving it since the Kaya 7 announcement was made.

Whenever I start nagging, preaching, or complaining, my daughter always says, "Mama...STOP stressing out on all the little things"; or sometimes, "Mama, STOP! Don't sweat the small stuff!"

BG: Margo by K-Ology
Font: Virgin,Times New Roman & Vladimir Script
Lrg Scrolls: Jen Reed-Heart&Soul flourish
Dragonfly: Gigi/SF Whimsical Garden
Scroll on Hand: Lively Cubic Doodle
Butterfly: McDonald paper bag
Design scraplifted from McDonald's paper bag

My daughter reluctantly posed for this picture. Her facial expression was just perfect for the LO. She had her hand outstretched in the STOP sign. I copied her hand, pasted it on top and enlarged it. Then I poured red paint from the bucket to color it. It was so fortunate that the color didn't bleed through the entire hand, thus you can see some of the creases, especially on the fingers. I can tell that it is her palm, alright! I just added the fonts and the swirls...and that's just about it.

About ME:
The nag, the preacher, the trouble-maker... hay buhay!


Roxannee said...

Hi Manang...I went to a parenting seminar last Thursday and they said that if your kids hate you (sometimes or all the time), you're doing a great job. Anyway, I love the way you used the concept of the hand in this lay out!

Nita Ang said...

Manang, picture me like a fish out of water. ganung-ganun ang itsura ko nang makita ko entry mo. Nang matauhan ako, I was finally able to exclaim: "ANG GAALLLEEENNNGG!!!" sabay iling na nakangiti. Fabulous job on this one!

Lee i. said...

You made it work! Galing, tamang-tama yung photo ni Chriisie. Although I thought nakasulat, donate $1,000,000. Hahaha. Love the hand.

CraftFairy said...

Thanks to all who voted for my LO. x-x-x-x-x-x