Friday, November 30, 2007


First of all, I'd like to salute all the ladies who bravely met this month's Kaya 7 challenge. You are all so talented and I am even more impressed with the creativity of this group. Ang gagaling nyo lahat!

Now, for the winners of this month's challenge. I am proud to announce that the winner for our digital layout is JOYLEEN LIM garnering 35 votes out of 71. It is amazing how Joy was able to almost duplicate her source of inspiration. Being a gamer, herself, I can imagine why she is so inspired by it. Great job, sistah :D

As for the traditional layout, the winner is none other than MARIX MARTE garnering 62 votes out of 181. Talk about that spark of inspiration. This one surely started a wild-fire! Truly well-deserved, indeed :D

CONGRATULATION, ladies. Now, the winners for this month's challenge are each receiving an identical package fresh from my scrap stash (pps, cs, chipboards & rub-ons). Au Lim has also generously added the complementing Queen & Co acrylic flowers and fibers to match the pps.

Besides these prizes, the two lucky winners are also getting a scrapbooking magazine of their choice from two wonderful ladies. THANK YOU Leirs Pagaspas for your special gift to Marix (Creative Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbook, Etc., or Memory Makers). Also, to Julie Kelly for adding to Joyleen's prize any digital or special issue digital magazine. Both magazines may be redeemed anytime from Bookoto.

Thank you for joining and see you all on our next challenge.

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