Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hey, Lollipop!

Tin says KAYA!

My job entails I sit in front of my laptop creating graphics for our footwear, eye strain isn't the half of it. So I take a respite from my digital and virtual world by getting my hands dirty and sticky with glue and I always kept it that way. But as much as I hate to admit it, I love to scrap digitally and I do it in such a timely manner too! Now if I can only scrap traditionally just as fast.
I totally adore my niece, Ocean Lily, and this photo of her from the Picture Company is just too adorable to keep to myself. She's a sweet tooth just like everyone else in the family and she totally loves candy, so what else do we bribe her with so we can take photos of her? hehe

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures of you. The kind lady at The Picture Company was waving around a lollipop to make you smile, and you would shout out "CANDEEEE!".
When she finally gave it to you there no way you were letting it go!!!
- Ocean Lily, Sept. 2007 -

Digital Kit: Spring Time Feelings by Danielle Young
Fonts: Sparkly from Fontdiner.Com, FG Elin and Shabby Princess, Smarshmallows Alphas

Techniques Used:
Used Adobe Photoshop CS2 to -->
1) mask and crop the papers and create scallops
2) adjusted the opacity of the flower embellys
3) added dimension via drop shadows
4) cropped parts of the ribbon so they appeared to be "threaded" through the paper (at least I like to think it looks threaded hehe)
5) beveled the exclamation points

About Me:
That's DD, 17 and yours truly. Love this photo, it shows how we normally are with each other. Some say we can be mistaken for sisters, even the way we talk and argue I guess LOL. But life would be less colorful without this crazy girl, and whenever she does something silly all she would say is "the apple doesn't fall from the tree!" It doesn't does it? :-)


diane said...

Wow Tin!!!!! I love this! Such a beautiful photo plus the beautiful LO! Ang ganda as in! Parang expert digital scrapper ka na eh! I hope to see more digital LO's from you. Ingat!

cosette said...

hi tin, great work on the LO! love the way you arranged the photos. and agree, super cuuuuteeeee ni niece mo, nakakagigil!

cookie said...

wow this is so cute!!! grabe! gagaling nyo!!! love it!

Julie said...

Hahahaha - LOL. You are so crazy. Love your bonding pic with your girlfriend:-) Anyway, great LO, I see myself doing the same thing:-)

CraftFairy said...

Hey, Tin! what a lovely, happy LO. everytime I look at it, I hear the song in the background. Love the idea of "threading" the ribbon. Gotta try that some time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tin, nice LO and what a cute niece!The lollipop sound like a good idea.

Tin said...

Hi everyone! thanks so much for leaving a comment really appreciate it :-) and thanks for enjoying my neice's LO too :-)

cabbie lopez said...

love your layout tin! mapa-trad or digi, your style shines!

zabeth said...

Hi Tin,

Loved on how you used the blue ribbons and turned it to threaded.

Pretty layout too as always.

Donna Espiritu said...

great layout tin!

ang cute nmn ng niece mo and her name, Ocean Lily, ang ganda! :)

Benga said...

such a cutie! great technique on threading and the scallop!