Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sarah Sweet

Lee says, KAYA!

I have dabbled a bit in digital scrapbooking but I was really intimidated by the talents that have posted before me. While I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful layouts, there were moments when I couldn't help but exclaim, "How did they do that?"

Thank you Diane for this challenging challenge (I'm at a lost for words) and for the impromptu tutorial on colorizing. Thanks Danielle for letting us use your wonderful kit. Indeed, how many layouts can one kit make? :-)

You always look at the world through rose-colored glasses. I know that soon you will outgrow your childlike innocence but I hope you continue to be sweet and embrace everything with bright-eyed wonder.

Materials Used:
Danielle Young's Springtime Kit, Fonts from Shabby Princess, Fiorex and Gigi.

Techniques Used:
I cut out Sarah's images from the photos and layered them on the pink paper. I then lowered the opacity of the photos to get the pink tinge. I colorized the ribbon (loving this new discovery!)

Indeed there's so many things you can do with digital scrapping that it's hard to say stop, this is it. I could have gone on and on if it wasn't time to feed my KiDS dinner. So here it is. No more changing. Hope you like it.

About ME:
I am an aspiring scrapbooker, writer, photographer. I am a mom to 3 amazing KiDS and wife to an extremely talented artist. My goal is to scrap at least one layout a week, and so far, I am behind. I get to scrap only during the weekends now, so this opportunity to scrap digitally and finish at least one LO is a God-send. I only have to bring my laptop with me. And my mom-in-law can't complain about the mess cause there was hardly any, except for one or two chocolate wrappers. LOL.


kaje said...

nicely done, lee! :)

Jenny Jean said...

i like the journalling very much. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Nice LO and of course the simple yet heartwarming journalling.

Benga said...

i like the photo placement, making the photos like background pp and the small photo tilted at the side and as they say bow ako sa journaling mo!

diane said...

Leeeeeee!!!!! This is so Nice!! I Love it! Mukhang daig mo pa nga ata ako sa mga techniques eh.. I love the blending. Sobra! You have to teach me that one.

BTW, I am happy natulungan kita kahit impromptu. hihihihi!

Nice job on this.

Donna Espiritu said...

galing mommy lee! :) love ung pagkasilhouette ni sarah sa layout... galing tlga!

CraftFairy said...

Hey Lee. Improving on your digi-scrapping, ha? Let me see other digi-LOs.

CraftFairy said...

Love how you did the background, BTW. (^.^)

symbelly said...

hi lee,
wow, nice digital LO.
i wonder if you are not yet hooked to it. =)

happy scrapbooking

Teys said...

love how this has an artistic feel to it, parang painting na you want to understand the hows and whys behind it. Great job!