Sunday, February 10, 2008

So much FUN in the toy store

Marian says KAYA!

I love the Springtime Feeling kit by Danielle Young. It has all my favorite colors! Enjoyed completing this challenge too as I do want to finish more digital LOs.

So much FUN in the toy store. It's enough for you to look at the toys, touch and play with them in the toy store.You don't ask your mommy to buy any for you when its time to go home.

Materials Used:
papers and elements from Springtime Feeling Kit by Danielle Young. Fonts used Mercurious Script MT Bold and Perpetua from Microsoft Word.

Techniques Used:
Using Photoshop Elements I layered, used drop shadows, cut shapes from the patterned papers and outlined the shapes, used a basic round brush to make the scallops and holes in the scallops. I distressed the green background paper with a basic chalk brush.

About Me:
I have always loved doing arts and crafts. I used to make macrame belts, paper mache, hair accessories, cross stitch, candles, beaded accessories and Christmas decor. My current favorites are card making, stamping and scrapbooking. I think these 3 are intertwined with each other. I do believe these will be lifelong hobbies as there will always be friends to get in touch with, pictures to document and stories to tell. I am learning to use Photoshop Elements by reading on-line tips and tutorials and trying to do what I read. I hope to become a good photographer through the classes I just started recently.


diane said...

Ang cute nung scallop Marian! I love it! And that photo is so sweet! Thanks for joining!

Alby said...

Marian! Nice layout! You have to teach me how to do that scallop. Been wondering how others have done it. Nice job!

marking said...

Hi Diane and Alby. Thanks for your comments. The scallop is really easy to do. Learned it from one of the free on-line tutorials. Sure I can show you how Alby.

CraftFairy said...

Ms. Marian, love your scalloped paper. Can you show me how? tunay na tunay ang dating! Also loved how you cut out the flowers and fonts using the other papers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alby & Marissa, I made a simple explanation of how I made the scallop in my blog. Easy lang with Photoshop Elements. Check it out at
Hope its clear enough.

Tin said...

Hi ms.Marian! Mapa digital and mapa traditional, galing! Naku paano na yan if you decide mag digital? ipamamahagi mo na sa amin ang scrap room mo? hehe joke! seriously, totally love your LO and tama, i'm hopping over to your blog to check out your scalloped paper tutorial! hehe

cabbie lopez said...

i like the style of your creation, marian... very finesse and cool!

zabeth said...

Hi Marian,

As always loved both of your traditional and digital layout.

So beautiful.

Sabi na nga ba as I was reading your technique used I am sure that you used the brush technique which you are very good in doing your digital Layout. Galing! Loved everything in it.

Donna Espiritu said...

love the simplicity of your layout ms marian, pero kahit simple very adorable pa rin! :) and the baby is such a cutie!!

Benga said...

pretty and neat lo! type ko din un scallop pero d ata kaya ng powers ko yun wala akong tyaga hahaha

CraftFairy said...

Ms. Marian, I tried your scallop in one of my LOs. Galing the effect. TFS.

Teys said...

hi marian, thanks for the nice comments. I love your LO, the scallops are great, ako I haven't even tried doing that mano-mano, great job!