Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Pearl Co says, KAYA!

For the first 5 months I was able to make a 1 lay-out/week. But since the busy month of december, i only have 2 lay-outs made. So behind, i have recently decided to make our trips and events in digital scrapbooking; while few pics with journaling for the traditional scrapbooking. This challenge is timely since i need something to really push me to start making time to scrap and at the same time, the kit is really nice. Thanks Diane and Danielle.

Since I'm still in the process of learning Adobe CS2, I wanted to try something new for this 3rd lay-out of mine. I wanted to learn how to shape papers and pictures into something. With the help of digi scrapbook mags, I'm so happy that i learned this new technique. Here I used the animal pics shot from the same trip and used it on my title.

It was hot and humid.
We were thirsty. We were tired.
But I know you were having so much fun.
The bird and giraffe feeding quickly chased your bad mood away.
When you saw the mist sprayer, you immediately jumped and danced around.

Materials Used:
Danielle Young's Springtime Kit
Fonts - Steam, algerian and sylfaen

About ME:
Im pearl, a stay at home mom to my 4 yr. son. I have been looking and hoarding for almost a year before finally started making lay outs july 2007 when my son started going to school.


Jenny Jean said...

you mean, the letters were actually cutout pictures?? so nice!!!

diane said...

Ang ganda!!!!!

This is beautiful Pearl! Thanks for joining the challenge!

zabeth said...

Hi Pearl,

Musta miss kita. Ganda layout mo ha. I loved it.

CraftFairy said...

Love how you did the "alpha-pictures!"

Candy Lagazon said...

Ingenious way of making the alphas! I sooo LOVE your lay-out!