Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Geek Squad

Sheryl says, KAYA!

Perfect chance for me to scrap about the group and the colleagues I became friends with while I was still working. It was time for me to let go of that episode of my life and time to move on to what the future holds for me. Though it feels sad to miss their company, especially during lunch breaks where the discussion is suffused with interesting topics, I realized that I don't have to let go of the good relationships, much more of the friendship.

the Geek Squad. Spent lunchtime for almost a year with them for my daily dose of geeky thoughts. When I left the company, I realized I only have to let go of 'the work'. The rest, like Friendship, I can keep. Thank you, Geek Squad.


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Happy Mama to now happier Lilaa and Maia (ages 2.5 & 1 year old respectively), wife to my one big love. Rekindled my love affair with Scrapbooking in May 2006. I c0-own and co-manage an online bookstore with a good friend Julie Kelly.

Also, I have moved to my new virtual home here. Though you can always come by here.


the dreamer said...

Sheryl dear, that's so true. Your lucky to have made friends and to have the chance to keep them even if you left work. (Kasi ako when I left work, I don't think I had any friends there. Haha.)

Nice to see your work, both digital and traditional. Love that you were able to scrap your work area. =)


Your Friendly Online Hobby Bookstore! said...
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Sheryl said...

Hi Nina, thanks.:-D I know! I made sure I took photos during my last day (talk about being sentimental :-))

Yes, they are great friends, even threw a despedida for me :-D I always see them also when i come by the office for a visit :-D

Your works are great, very edgy! I always look forward to your creations coz they're always distinct from the rest and consistent :-D

Hope to see you soon!

Alby said...

Hi Sheryl! Happy for you. It's a blessing that you have made friends at work. I'm on my 3rd job and when I left my first, i left so many friends behind. And even now that we are all over the world, we still keep in touch. I left my 2nd job because I don't have friends there - haha! I just can't survive in a work environment where I can't make friends with people around me. :D

Tin said...

Hi sheryl! i can't say i've experienced "quitting" a job, but i have had my share of turn overs. Losing (for better lack of the term) some great staff didn't mean i lost friends. . . at least i try LOL It's good that you were able to take pics of your workplace and that your Geek Squad is here to stay :-)

love your LO, i thought it was traditional until i took a closer look! thanks for joining Kaya 15 :-)


a.k.a. selenakyle said...

thank you for the tribute! i've always been blessed by good friends in the work place (well, i've only stayed long in 2 places), but the geek squad was different because it's just been less than a year since we had that first lunch together!

it's nice to have a tightknit group like this in this age, with matching label (that others are beginning to know us as) - kinda juvenile for some, but it actually brings out the youth in all of us.