Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tatang Celso

Lee says, KAYA!

Where did the time go? Suddenly it's almost the end of the month and I almost missed Tin's Kaya! All my scrapbooking stuff are at home (haven't been there for 3 days and counting...) But thank God for a laptop and the internet, I was able to come up to the challenge.

This is my tribute to my former officemate who passed away last February 2008. I have always meant to scrap these photos, taken when we last saw each other in 2006. I still feel bad that even though we called each other sometimes, we never had the occasion to meet again. And I missed his last phone call because I was busy with something I could no longer recall now. I feel guilty that I was never able to return that last call. I guess I should let go of that and pray that he is in a good place.

You were more than just the office driver. You drove me where I needed to go but you also drove me crazy. You caused me to lose a big housing loan because you answered the telephone! But still, you were my friend. You made me laugh in the office. You brought me dinuguan that Manang cooked. You took care of me and everyone else. You were everybody's Tatang. 7/08

Supplies Used:
Michelle Coleman's Fall Splendor kit; Adobe Photoshop CS.

About ME:
Hi, I'm Lee. When pressed, I can also digi-scrap, but nothing can replace the feel of paper and smell of glue for me. So I will never be assimilated. :-) I have been scrapbooking since high school but only turned to the acid-free kind about two years ago. Scrapbooking combines all my loves - photography, writing/storytelling, designing, cutting things up to bits and pieces, and then gluing them back to some semblance of order. More scrapbooking LOs at my blog.


Tin said...

I see you made it hehe parang ako , savior talaga ang digi scrapping :-) seriously loved your take on the sketch and it gives you something to remeber Tatang Celso with.

And i agree, as much as i enjoy digiscrapping i love the tactile-ness (if there is such a word!) of traditional supplies. Although have to admit digi keeps my desk clutter free LOL thanks for joining Lee!


CraftFairy said...

Great job! Looks like traditional. Kakalungkot naman. Reminds me of my former officemates at TWD. Wonder where they are now?

marking said...

Hi Lee, Yes we've all had moments we regret, but we just have to move on. Nice digi LO.

CraftFairy said...